Respect for babies, human sexuality

Friday January 11, 2013

We read in Sacred Scripture that after Jesus was born, Joseph was told by an angel to take the child Jesus with Mary and flee into Egypt. Herod had ordered the massacre of boys so that the newborn king would not usurp his power.

On Dec. 15, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, we relived the Massacre of the Holy Innocents. "Man must reconcile himself to his natural greatness," writes Pope John Paul II in his book, "Love and responsibility." Only the human being can love and only the person is able to bring into this world another person capable of yet more love. Every man must effectively deploy the energies latent in his sensuality and his sentiments so they become allies in his striving for authentic love. The sexual urge in man is a fact which he must recognize and welcome as a source of natural energy.

A love that is merely an "excitement of the senses" that does not unite two persons in a true interpersonal union is a love that squanders that "natural energy," and true enduring love remains elusive.

Regarding the recent discussion about educational material in the sex education class at Pittsfield High School given by Sarah Gillooly of Girls’ Inc., who holds a sexuality certificate from Planned Parenthood, one student commented, "I was with a guy who kept trying to get me to have sex and after taking this class last year I knew how to say no." God bless her always.

Saying in a flier given to girls in the class, "Condoms are easier to change than diapers," gives insight to the level of hate many men and women have for babies. How can such a thought come from a good intention?

My hope is that the school administration will replace Sarah Gillooly’s class at PHS with a class capable of a holistic respect for human sexuality.

The Berkshire County sheriff’s office program "24/7" aims at improving relationships and communication skills between fathers and at-risk children. It can be reached by calling either Jack Quinn or Frank Busener at (413) 443-7220.

With many men and women of good will I assist young mothers and their unborn and newborn babies to better their lives in difficult circumstances. These women are to be recognized for giving life to their babies.




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