Responsibility is issue, not abortion

Monday, January 14
How does a man saying that he feels guilty about the four (!) abortions of his girlfriends translate into an argument against abortion rights? As reported in The Eagle on Jan. 10, a man feeling bewildered about these feelings "years later" has now decided to "channel his grief" into anti-abortion activism.

The time for his personal action was in the clinic waiting room where his girlfriend said she needed him to stand up when it counted. He didn't, and do you suppose that if abortion were outlawed he would be more likely to have come through for his girlfriend? The general pattern seems to be, boyfriends don't stick around, and until this changes, women will seek abortions.

Using the supposed guilt of the so-called "post-abortive male" to reverse our abortion policy is manipulative and misguided. Instead, why don't antiabortion advocates hold conferences on "The contraceptive responsibilities of men," or "Curbing the male sexual prerogative," or "Honoring the personhood of women," or "Not lying about love."

It does little good to blame the availability of legal abortion for what really are lapses in male self-awareness and courage. More men taking responsibility for our part in reproduction would be a good thing — but much earlier in the game. That factor alone could reduce the need for abortion significantly.



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