Revealing of administrative attitude

Thursday April 19, 2012

With all the hubbub about what is alleged to have happened at Stockbridge Plain School in 2004 with Scott Muir, I do not think we have paid enough attention to the people who may have enabled him if, in fact, he committed these crimes.

I read on the Eagle's website a very visceral comment by someone whom I tend to agree with. The gist was that the people who enabled Mr. Muir will get off scot-free, while the students who it is alleged were grossly and despicably violated will have to live with those memories, and the violent taking of their innocence, for the rest of their lives. Potentially every loving experience that they may have in life may be tarnished by what allegedly happened to them years ago.

As the commentator said, no one will be going to prison, as the evidence will probably be inconclusive. Meanwhile those with any information or who were in positions of responsibility will clam up, offering whatever cagey detail they might while really saying nothing at all. No one's salary will be cut, no one's hours will be messed with, no positions will be lost, and none of them will be arrested.

I think that the administrators of the school district tend to see themselves as above the law in matters that occur on their premises. I think we as a community ought to show them that they are sorely mistaken.


Great Barrington


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