Reverse decline at the ballot box

Tuesday June 12, 2012

"These are the times that try men's souls" is an appropriate quotation for the present circumstances of our country. The national debt is skyrocketing, high unemployment, political corruption, the Constitution being ignored, the Supreme Court's authority being questioned, religious freedom under fire and a high degree of moral decay among the populace.

The U.S. Constitution is to our democracy what the Ten Commandments is to our Judeo-Christian culture. The current administration has increased the national debt in three years. Negative regulations for business have kept the unemployment rate high. The Supreme Court has gotten pressure to rule in favor of health care reform. Over 28 states have filed lawsuits against the U.S. government because of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Lawsuits were filed against U.S. immigration policies and 43 lawsuits for the contraceptive mandate. Attorney General Eric Holder may be held in contempt of congress because of "Fast & Furious."

The current leadership, (I use this term loosely) has been critical of waterboarding enemy combatants. Now they kill them and has compiled a list of future kills, no trail, no questioning, just plain old assassination. The importance of HHS is not contraception but dictating to religious organizations that they must do something against their religious beliefs, the Constitution be damned! "Ideological manipulation of history" (Alexander Solzhenitsyn) has caused the unlearned populist to believing lies that have been predicated by catchphrases and one liners like, "Separation of church and state," "the Constitution is a living document," "rights are given by the government" and "national morality can be retained without religion." The Rev. Martin Luther King's monument which was recently installed in Washington D.C. has 14 quotes made by him without the word God being mentioned, how can that be?

All is not lost! Keep the faith, even the government cannot take it away from us, and we the people have the power, the power of the ballot True history reveals that many of the current problems we face today are problems we as a nation have faced and solved before. No one person is responsible for all the problems or the solution. We need to thank the current administration for personifying all our shortcomings as a nation, so corrections can be made and healing begin.




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