Revise bylaw in Peru's interests

Sunday July 7, 2013

To the editor of THE EAGLE:

At 7 p.m. Monday there will be an historic vote for the town of Peru. We will be voting on whether to or not to change our existing bylaw on wind energy. This proposed change is intended to allow a feasible plan for bringing wind energy to Peru. However, this current proposal has been drafted by an interested party, a developer who does not necessarily have Peru’s best interests in mind.

The developer will lead you to believe that the change in the bylaw will strengthen Peru’s current wind energy bylaw. It is true we do need to amend our current bylaw, but the citizens of Peru should themselves write a new bylaw that it is in our best interest, not the developer’s. Remember, the developer is not going to live in pristine Peru. The residents of Peru were made to believe that this bylaw modification is not for any specific project. The truth is this bylaw change will give the go ahead to all future wind projects including large-scale wind. State, protected, and private land are all at risk for wind turbine installation.

According to there are almost 80 potential wind turbine sites in and around Peru on state land. Envision this count along with the planned private wind farms. One of them could be in your backyard. Voting "no" ensures that wind turbines will not litter Peru.

At past public meetings, the developer has promised that wind power will generate much-needed revenue for the town and profit for some private landowners. Voting "no" will insure our property values will not decline. If the developer disagrees, then let it guarantee our property values.

To get better informed go to Go to Facebook’s "Peru Citizen" for some helpful links. There is a wealth of information to make an educated decision on how wind turbines may negatively impact your lives and your neighbors. Do your own research before making a decision. Don’t let special interest control your decision.

Voting "no" will keep the current bylaw which is admittedly flawed. A "no" vote will give the citizens of Peru time to modify the current bylaw so that wind, renewable energy and neighbors can live in harmony.

If you value your home, health, well-being and Peru’s current landscape, please attend the Special Town Meeting and vote "no" on Monday at 7 p.m.





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