Richmond voters to decide on budget increase under 2 percent


RICHMOND — Town voters will act on a fiscal 2017 budget totaling $6.74 million during the annual town meeting Wednesday at the Consolidated School.

The total budget plan, including special articles proposed, reflects an increase from the current Richmond budget of $6.62 million, less than 2 percent. The proposed local tax assessment is up just 0.7 percent, from $4.69 million this year to $4.72 million for fiscal 2017, which begins July 1.

The proposed budget also includes just over $1.1 million in state aid and local revenue receipts.

The school budget is proposed at just over $3.68 million, with a $2.93 million tax appropriation, down from the $2.95 million for this year.

Town expenses are proposed at $1,939,731, up from $1,899,528 over the current year.

The proposed sewer budget of $218,000 is the same as for fiscal 2016. That budget, which funds the costs of operating the system and debt payment associated with the system's design and construction, is paid by users of the system.

Voters will be asked to separately approve a number of special spending articles, including:

• $150,325 for a payment on a school improvement project bond;

• $30,000 for repairs and improvements to the school;

• $152,436 from certified free cash for the town stabilization fund;

• $100,000 in an appropriation for the stabilization fund;

• $100,000 from free cash for the town's Other Post-Employment Benefits Liability trust fund;

• $15,000 for the Town Hall repair stabilization fund;

• $9,500 for the land conservation fund;

• $20,000 for consultants and technical assistance in long-range planning;

• $45,000 from the ambulance receipt accounts to the ambulance expense account for operation of the Richmond Ambulance Service and payments to other ambulance services for backup and advanced life support services;

• $35,730 from the stabilization account toward the purchase of a new tractor and mower attachment;

• $21,150 from free cash for new financial systems software;

• and $15,000 for treatment of weeds in Richmond Pond.

As proposed, the budget would require a $39.75 hike in the tax bill for a property at the average valuation of $404,206.

The annual meeting is set for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the elementary school.

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