Rob Sanzone goes solo

Thursday September 20, 2012


Singer/songwriter/musician Rob Sanzone has a lot going on.

How much?

In addition to being a singer/songwriter/musician, he's a producer/engineer/music teacher, an organizer/planner/ session man, and a husband/father/dog owner.

"I do it because I love it," said Sanzone, 35. "It seems like a lot, but I seem to fit it in."

These days, Sanzone mostly is a one-man show, although he's also in several bands, including the Todd Mack Band, Dr. Tim and the 6th Ward, and the soul-blues trio The SCMODS.

He frequently plays local venues, many in South Berkshire. He recently spoke with The Eagle about his influences, his origins and his favorite music. (For a list of all of his projects, go to

Q: OK, sir, how would you describe your status?

A: MY status is everything. I'm a solo musician, but I play in several bands. I teach guitar and drums. I organize tribute shows on a regular basis.

OK, when ...

A:Wait. I have some other things.

OK. Keep going.

A: I just wanted to say that I teach a free ukulele class every Tuesday at the Berkshire South Community Center. It's at 6:30, and all levels of ability are welcome.

Q:When did you first become interested in music?

A: As a kid, I always had an interest. My mother, Carolyn, is a musician. I can remember her singing and playing guitar -- folk songs, mostly. I took piano lessons in first grade that lasted about two years. Then, in fourth grade, I learned to play the recorder. In fifth grade, I took clarinet lessons. I was just magnetically drawn to music.

Q: Did this continue into high school [at Monument Mountain Regional]? I remember you as quite an athlete as well.

A: Well, I started playing in gigging bands in high school. I don't think I got really serious about it until I was 21.

Q:What artists or bands have been your influences?

A: It's a long list. Longer than the number of bands I've played in. Let's see. Slash [of Guns N' Roses] has been a big influence. Angus Young of AC/DC. And, of course, I worship regularly at the altar of [Jimi] Hendrix.

But there are others.

A: There are. I've been really connected to Peter Tosh. I've been listening to Dickie Dale.

Q:Ah, Dick Dale, the king of surf music.

Absolutely. He is amazing.

Q: It does certainly seem to be a wide range of interests.

A:Yeah. I go through these phases. Actually, I get obsessed by things. I'll hear something by a band, and I'll want to hear everything I get my hands on by them. I go kind of crazy for a while.

Q:What are you working on these days?

A: I just finished scoring an independent film, "The River" shot in the Berkshires and directed by Sam Handel. I did some guitar work for Christa Joy, a solo artist, and I'm working on some tracks for Todd Mack's new album. I'm also working on my own solo album, with a release date sometime in 2013.

Q: Where do you find the time for it all?

A: [Laughs] I don't really know.

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