Romney backers may have regrets

Monday October 8, 2012

It is truly astounding to hear Mitt Romney enthusiastically hailed as the winner of Wed nesday night’s debate. This is not to say that President Oba ma was off his game and left his opponents mendacious claims unchallenged -- yes that is a serious loss to us all. We who hope to rebuild our dem ocracy cannot give in to forces that are working toward running our country as if they already bought the government.

When did we lose our moral compass? And why are we so ready to attribute precious victory to an individual who lied, distorted, and blatantly disavowed his own policies of only a week or so ago? For a solid 90 minutes he claimed to be the potential leader of a very different stripe than the one we never got to know because the agenda kept changing to please the polls and to please the radical extremists to whom he owed his candidacy.

And why was the moderator so completely helpless to take charge in the face of his inexcusable bullying? If the electorate cannot remember the 47 percent remarks, the self-confessed pride in liking to fire people, just to mention a couple of statements, woe be to us if he gets elected. Those who wish him success in this endeavor better beware -- they might just get their wish if they trust Mitt Romney and his party as they appeared on the evening of Oct. 3.




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