Romney cares only about the rich

Tuesday October 30, 2012

The presidential election is coming down to the wire and voters are facing a critical decision as to who will run the country for the next four years -- the Democratic Party headed by the president or the Greedy Old Party headed by Mitt Romney and his mouthpiece Paul Ryan.

The latter two potential leaders spew out lies, insults and a juvenile accusation that President Obama raided the Medicare "piggybank" of $716 million, an accusation surely intended to rattle the emotions of seniors who fear the loss of benefits. Possibly unknown to them, Obama intends to improve the health care system with the money, making affordable coverage to those families without it while sustaining Medicare for many years to come. Apparently, the words "dirty politics" mean little to Romney when it becomes necessary to get enough votes to win.

He blames Obama and his administration for the slow economy when the gap between the wealthy and everyone else explains it. The Eagle recently published a column entitled "Cost of Inequality" by Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz, in which he revealed what the real reason is for a failing economy, the "inequality of wealth." Stiglitz has taught at Yale, Oxford and MIT, served on Bill Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisors, and was chief economist for the World Bank. He warned about government debt, noting that for two decades the enormous increase in income wealth went to people on the top and such income gaps lead to a weak economy. Millionaire Romney obviously considers his wealth more important than sharing.

President Obama puts working families first. As a proud American citizen who is dedicated to love of country, his family and as commander in chief, he is prepared to protect us wherever and however it becomes necessary to do so. If he is re-elected it will be a second chance to resolve some of the critical problems facing us -- the economy, deficit, health care and the unfair tax structure that allows the "inequality of wealth" and in some cases outright tax evasion.

A Romney-Ryan government means "of the rich, by the rich and for the rich." Deregu lation of banks, cuts in Medi care and Social Security and open season for Wall Street profiteers investing in businesses overseas.

Let’s not let it happen. Vote for President Obama. God bless him and guide him.




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