Romney flip-flopping a concern

Friday October 19, 2012

The closer we get to the presidential election in November, the more confusing it gets to exactly what is the truth and what is "exaggerated truth." The vice presidential debate had some false statements by both candidates, as did the first presidential debate. Although I feel that this election was and still is to a lesser degree now a choice between the lesser of two evils, who will do the least amount of damage, Mr. Romney still scares me. I know that a candidate for any office will tell the crowd at that particular event or gathering what they are interested in hearing just to appease them, when a candidate tells one gathering one thing and in another gathering of a different class of people the candidate states the complete opposite, it signals a warning.

Think back to when presidential candidate George H. W. Bush made the campaign promise, and I quote; "Read my lips, no new taxes" and then while president raised taxes, I see the same drama unfolding in this election. Yes, tough times do require tough measures, but please, we the people are not stupid. Be upfront and honest with us and tell it like it is and don’t lie to us. It insults our intelligence.

Mr. Romney, if you win the presidency and your tax plan doesn’t work because the numbers don’t add up like everyone says they don’t, don’t pull a "Bush" and renege on your campaign promises. We the people, the what’s left of the middle class and the poor, can’t afford anymore empty promises!




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