Romney lacks Obama's integrity

Friday November 2, 2012

In a few days our county will be deciding who will be our next president. The vote will determine the fate of our country for years to come.

The most critical factor to use in the election is the integrity of President Obama compared to Mitt Romney. Rom ney has consistently dem onstrated his lack of integrity on many issues.

Romney was a strong supporter of the war in Vietnam but dodged the draft, got a deferment by being appointed as a Mormon missionary and spent the war in Paris. I question the integrity of Romney who was willing to see others go to war but was unwilling to go to war himself.

I question Romney’s integrity when he said he would get rid on universal health care early on the campaign trail. He is now flip-flopping to garner votes.

Romney has clearly stated he would get rid of programs protecting women’s and children’s health programs. He has vowed to get rid of Roe v Wade that protects women.

Romney now supports senatorial candidate Todd Akin of Missouri. Akin believes that women’s bodies can prevent a birth after rape. Romney at first disavowed Akin’s statement but has flip-flopped to gain votes.

Integrity? Romney said in a recent debate he would be tough on China regarding trade, but at that instant Rom ney’s Bain Capital was dismantling an Ohio company called Senasta and is shipping its ma chinery and technical knowledge to China with the loss of many American jobs.

If you believe in Romney’s jobs integrity, I have a bridge in Egremont I can sell you.

Romney was against the bail-out for GM and Chrysler. He now says he helped save them. His integrity is lacking.

The worst case scenario if Romney is elected is that he may appoint right wing justices to the Supreme Court. This will be devastating for our citizens who depend on Medicare and Social Security.

President Obama has consistently done what he has promised and stands head and shoulders above Mitt Rom ney’s say anything to get elected policy. Obama will need help from people like Eliza beth Warren for senator and Smitty Pignatelli for state representative. Please give them your vote on November 6.




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