Romneyite finds columnist off

Sunday December 2, 2012

A friend from affluent West chester County, N.Y., is a wealthy 1 percenter who blindly and steadfastly supported the flawed presidential campaign of Willard Mitt Romney. He never wavered in his belief that the former head of Bain Capital was far and above the only person to run this country! We’d go round and about in political discussions and never once did he see a problem with the flip-flopper of all time. He was offended and insulted when I referred to the candidate as an "empty suit."

In last Sunday’s Eagle, I read an op-ed piece by Milton Bass titled "Nowhere man." I thought it was insightful and truthful about a man with no compass or inner core.

I decided to email this piece to my friend in Westchester. Thinking he would accept the Republican loss, and a column by a well-respected journalist, I was taken aback by his response and I quote -- "the author of this column is deranged."

And so it goes!




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