Safer, more secure with Obama

Wednesday September 12, 2012

In all the political wrangling there is one important issue that is not much mentioned. Our current feeling about our level of safety.

During the Bush years we were bombarded with red and orange alerts and constant terrorist scare stories. This kept our fear level high so we could easily be manipulated. The Obama team has worked to defuse our anxiety by toning down the rhetoric and by actively killing off our enemies including Osama bin Laden.

Safety is not all about terrorists so the administration worked to shore up financial safety and security with the Dodd-Frank banking act and stepped up SEC enforcement. Finally we needed health security and this was provided by the health care act.

We should be very grateful as a country for our new im proved level of safety and security. I know my anxiety level is down. Vote for more. Thanks President Obama.


New Ashford


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