Salt shed, road extension on tap for Stamford Town Meeting


STAMFORD, Vt. -- Voters will be asked to fund a new salt shed and the paving of a half-mile section of Lesure Road at Monday’s Town Meeting at 7 p.m. at Stamford Elementary School.

Selectboard Chairman Chris-
topher Dargie said the board has been researching options for a salt shed on Mill Road for two years.

"We’ve gotten some figures together, and we feel we can get it built in the neighborhood of $110,000," he said.

Town Meeting was asked to fund the project in 2012 after the state expressed concern over material, which is stored out in the open, washing into Roaring Brook. But voters balked at the cost of up to $275,000 associated with building standards required if the town utilized a state grant.

Article 8 asks voters to release $28,000 set aside to match 10 percent of the grant and Article 9 asks that the town use the $85,000 currently in the highway fund balance.

Articles 11 and 12, appearing as a result of a Lesure Road resident’s petition, asks voters to approve paving the first half-mile of Lesure Road and to have the town borrow $200,000 over five years for the project.

The dirt road starts at a steep incline, Dargie said, and requires grading often during the summer months.

"They’re looking for a more permanent fix up there," he said.

Article 5 asks the town’s permission to borrow from the invested funds account, Dargie said, which has roughly $170,000 from prior land sales. The money would then be used to pay $48,000 for four remaining payments on a loan for the fire department’s Tanker 4, saving the town $4,200 in interest.

Article 2 asks voters to app-
rove a town budget of $631,253, including general and highway expenses, roughly a 1 percent increase from the current fiscal year.

Article 10 asks voters to appropriate $10,691 to hire the Bennington County Sheriff’s Department for an additional eight hours a week.

A grant allowed the department to offer 30 hours of police coverage a week for $32,896 for several years, Dargie said. The department did not receive a grant for 2014, bringing the total cost to $43,587 a year. If voters reject the measure, police coverage would be reduced to 22 hours a week.

Article 16 aks voters to approve $25,853 for the operation of the town library and in Article 17, $40,915 for the Stamford Volunteer Fire Company.

The Stamford School District will hold its annual meeting at 7:30 p.m., with voters being aksed to approve a school budget of roughly $1.72 million, a $22,000 increase from the current fiscal year.

Article 1 of the Town Meeting warrant, and articles one through three of the school meeting warrant, relate to the town election. Voting will take place from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday at the elementary school.


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