Same old double-talk from GOP

Tuesday September 4, 2012

I think Paul Ryan is an idiot. He wants to replace Medicare with vouchers for private insurance, saying that competition will lower prices. Minus the vouchers, this is precisely what we have been doing since the beginning of health insurance. It doesn't lower prices and is the cause of the problems we've been having for quite some time.

This from the same party that is fond of saying that when you give a person welfare you take away his incentive to get a job. But when it comes to themselves they demand tax cuts saying that it will be an incentive to create jobs. Well, I say if they already have the tax cut where is the incentive to risk incentive? No, increases taxes on the top one percent and give them tax rebates if they actually create jobs.

Whenever Republicans propose anything it is always "Me First," something that gives even more to the wealthy and does absolutely nothing for the less fortunate. There has always been consistent double-talk from the Republicans -- nothing new. ROBERT GORDEN



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