Sarah Brightman: Soprano is starstruck

Tuesday May 7, 2013

NEW YORK -- If you called Sarah Brightman a space cadet, it would probably make her smile.

That’s because she plans on becoming the first recording artist to venture into space en route to the International Space Station sometime in the next two years.

The classically trained singer-actress always wanted to explore the heavens. She says it began in 1969 when she was a little girl sitting in front of the television during the historic Apollo 11 landing on the moon.

"I was very lucky and privileged to be living in that time to see that actually happen on a black-and-white TV screen and it changed many of us," she said.

Brightman has set her sights on a trip to the ISS.

"It looks as if a special journey into space will be happening for me in a couple of years," said Brightman (she declined to say how much the trip will cost).

She’s gone through a battery of diagnostic tests at Star City in Russia to see if she’s "space-worthy."

"I am officially a cosmonaut in training at this moment," she said.

Brightman, 52, originated the role of Christine in both the London and Broadway casts of "The Phantom of the Opera." She was married to the musical’s composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Her latest album, "Dreamcatcher," was inspired by wanting to
journey into space.


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