Scar noses his way into hearts of those at Dalton's Holiday Brook Farm


Photo Gallery | Scar the pig grows up (some)

DALTON -- Scar is growing up.

The piglet, now more than two months old, was seriously wounded in June after his mother accidentally stepped on him.

As reported in The Eagle, the piglet was treated for his injuries at Holiday Brook Farm in Dalton, where the store was turned into a makeshift operating room and resident Ruth Anthony put her veterinary skills to work and stitched the piglet's wounds.

Since then, Anthony and Dicken Crane, who named the piglet Scar, have nursed him back to health. He now weighs more than 60 pounds and has outgrown his cat crate.

Scar has moved from Crane's home to his own stall in the barn at night, and a pen with a little sun tent by day. Because pigs can get sunburned just as people do, Scar needs sunscreen applied -- even on an overcast day.

He still loves goat's milk, but corn is his favorite. Feed corn, sweet corn, corn on the cob, it doesn't really matter. If eating corn were an art, Scar would be a master.

Scar spends his day following Anthony around the farm store and while she tends to the other animals on the farm.

His behavior is more like a dog, and he hangs out with the farm dogs when not with Anthony, or napping. If not playing with the dogs, the pig will visit customers, often making a pest of himself by pulling their pant legs, interrupting conversation with a squeal or untying shoelaces with his mouth.

Scar also likes belly rubs. Crane is a little worried that Scar might believe he is a dog, as his life is very similar to the life of a dog on the farm.

Scar has become a member of the farm's family. As the pig's love affair with anything edible develops over time, Scar will grow into much more than a dog.

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