School 'election' leads to bullying

Monday November 12, 2012

On Election Day, my grandson’s 2nd grade class at Muddy Brook Elementary School held a mock election. Since he is seven years old, I question whether he and the other children understood the concept, but I can see why it was held as an instructional tool.

The outcome, predictable in South Berkshire County, was almost entirely for Obama, with my grandson casting a vote for Romney. Not a problem, except that one of the "voters" began to bully him, calling him stupid. He was so upset and embarrassed he went to the school nurse.

As I recall, bullying is one of the fashionable targets of the politically correct crowd and as such should not be a problem in as "enlightened" an atmosphere as Muddy Brook. He came home crying and wondering what he did wrong. I wonder the same thing.

What do I tell him? That he was speaking his mind, which is not encouraged these days, or that he was not in step with the rest of the crowd? Either way, it’s a very sad lesson for youngsters who seem to be taught conformity, not personal freedom.




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