Self-deport to tea party paradise

Thursday December 27, 2012

Is there no sane and rational voice to speak on behalf of those citizens who lost in our recent national election? Why must the people be subject to continuing wild and insulting diatribes by gun apologists, fundamentalists, oppressors of women, race baiters, and the general class of haters and paranoids represented by a despoiled political party?

I respectfully suggest they take the advice of their inimitable hero, Ronald Reagan, and express their outrage by "voting with their feet." Since they obviously cannot abide living in a nation led by a moderate African-American president, there are a number of places in which their philosophy is shared, indeed fervently upheld.

There are societies in which women most definitely know their place, young men are educated in religious schools, sexual minorities are exterminated, men are expected to exercise rigid control by religious fiat, and guns are the tool of choice to put down anyone who challenges the rules and privileges of such a society. It would appear to be a tea party paradise.

Best of all, one can proselytize the fine folk who share your philosophical outlook. Since they do not support quite the same theology as our rejected brethren, there exists a wonderful opportunity for conversion.

In the service of healing and reconciliation, even I, an apparent apostate, would donate to such a migration.


North Adams


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