'Self-radicalized' is Obama cop-out

Monday April 29, 2013

I’m pretty sure even a self-perceived Obama misstep doesn’t go by without he -- or someone in the West Wing -- inventing a new term.

The latest is that Terrorist Punks 1 and 2 are "self-radicalized." I refuse to mention their names, especially since our liberal press can’t go three seconds without doing so -- then piling on with photos of them looking quite normal.

In case you don’t know what the intent of the term "self-radicalized" is, allow me to try and explain.

Apparently we’re supposed to believe the war on terror is over and the rest of the world loves America more than ever because of Obama and his policies. One who’s "self"-made at anything, including a Jihadist, has apparently reached their objective alone. That’s interesting; was it not the president who said of us small business owners -- "You didn’t build that"?

And without significant time having passed, the feds and the press (The Eagle included) have declared they’re 100 percent sure the Boston bombers have no connection to any foreign groups.

What’s even more disturbing is the statement of Terrorist Punk 2 (from the same hospital in which many of his victims fight to recover) claiming he and his dead brother had no international involvement, is accepted as valid evidence. Are we to presume this person is the embodiment of St. Francis of Assisi? I’m sorry, but this young man’s entire life is a channel of lies -- just ask his college classmates who chatted with him in class and at a party after the bombings.

For some reason the Obama administration figures "self-radicalization" to be the lesser of two evils. Oddly, when the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya occurred, the president told us the investigation would take a bit of time to resolve, but he personally would be leading it. It’s been months now and we still have no explanation.

Yet, because the latest tragedy apparently needs to be swept under the rug quickly, we’re supposed to believe that Terrorist Punk 1’s visit to Russia for six months in 2012 was to reconnect with his chess club buddies.

Here’s the bottom line Mr. President -- we’re all in this together. We conservatives didn’t buy into the media hype that blamed George W. Bush for every problem, including one’s need for Head and Shoulders, nor do we accept their pendulum-like presupposition that the president is wiser than Solomon.

And before one rests on his laurels, pushing the daring idea that because there are no emails between Terrorist Punk 1 and al-Qaida, please remember there’s a new way to communicate which leaves no traceable imprint -- it’s called Skype. In case you haven’t heard, it’s a great way for a bomb-maker in Chechnya to show a grateful young welfare recipient in Watertown how to make friends and influence an entire nation.




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