Sergie Filin: Bolshoi chief in Berlin rehab


MOSCOW (AP) -- The artistic director of the Bolshoi ballet said he knows who ordered an acid attack that left him with severe burns to his eyes and face but won't say, voicing hope that investigators will soon name the perpetrator.

Sergei Filin checked out of a Moscow hospital Monday and headed to Germany for further rehabilitation.

Filin, 42, wore shades and a bandage on his head, and skin on his face was red and swollen from burns. But he spoke energetically and seemed to be in a good mood as he walked out of the hospital accompanied by his wife.

"My body is full of strength and energy," he told reporters.

Filin earlier told Russian state television that he knew who ordered the attack but wouldn't give names. "My heart tells me who did it," Filin said in an interview.

He said that investigators would visit him in Germany as part of the continuing probe.

An attacker threw sulphuric acid in Filin's face in Moscow on Jan. 17, as he was returning home from work.

Filin told reporters as he was leaving the hospital that he's still seeing as if through a mist as his eye treatment is continuing, and added that he will have to undergo further eye surgery in Germany.

"I'm ready to be completely bald, look like a Frankenstein. It will have no impact on my heart, on my soul. All my inner self, all my energy is focused on recovering eyesight."


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