Seth Brown: One dress, Two dress, White dress, Blue dress


On a cold day in winter, two weeks before spring...

...I suddenly realized this random thing:

There's an author whose birthday was just Monday last,

And whose work is immortal (though he has now passed).

You guessed it! You gust it! And probably goosed!

It was Theodor Geisel, you know, Dr. Seuss.

In Springfield he was born, that's where people would see him,

And still can, in a way, at the big Seuss museum.

But me? Um ... I just think his writing was fun.

So I wonder. I wonder what Seuss would have done

If he wrote for the papers, like this paper here,

And he covered the things that we're seeing this year:

One dress, Two dress, White dress, Blue dress,

Black dress, Blue dress, False dress, True dress.

This guy says it's golden flair,

This gal says it's black she'll swear.

Say! Why does anybody care?

Yes, dresses can look white when blue,

That is due to changing view.

Now let's ask, my friend, don't you

Have something better to do?

"Mister!" he said, his brow dripping with sweat,

"I am the Lorax. I speak for the Net.

I speak for the Net, for the Net has no speech,

Or at least it won't, sir, if it falls out of reach.

Now it's open, we're hopin' to keep it that way,

For the people who need it, and can't overpay."

"Look, Lorax," I said, "There's no cause for alarm,

Letting companies price things won't do any harm."

The Lorax said, "Sir! I won't fall for your tricks!

We all read about what Comcast did to Netflix,

And if each ISP can charge each website fees,

Then the web won't be open, the web won't be free.

And the FCC and me agree on this fact,

Which is why they've just passed the Neutrality act.

It's a public utility, like water, gas,

Electricity, those things that everyone has,

And that everyone needs to have, to get along.

If you argued against it, you're wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!"





Spock we grok

Shock we talk

Talk of Spock and grok our shock.

Shock at Spock and Spock we grok.

Tears with peers come.

Tears in pairs come.

Tears with peers in pairs, and shares come.

I'm one son.

Son? I'm one.

Do you like

Bush or Clinton?

I do not like them, Son-I'm-one.

I do not like Bush or Clinton

Would you like those candidates?

I would not like those candidates.

I would not like to watch debates.

I do not like Bush or Clinton.

I do not like them, Son-I'm-one.

Would you like them in White House?

Following their brother/spouse?

I do not want them in White House,

Just following their brother/spouse.

I do not like those candidates.

I would not like to watch debates.

I do not like Bush or Clinton.

Please tell me someone else will run.

Seth Brown was raised on Seuss, by dad and by mom. He's a writer whose site is


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