Sewer billing is unfair in Great Barrington

Thursday September 6, 2012

Perhaps because Great Barrington recently was listed in the National Smithsonian Magazine as one of the best little places to live in America! I, for one, was in for a gigantic shock when I opened my bill with the huge increase! Other neighbors and landlords here feel the same as me.

Our sewer billing system is a most unfair way to bill home- owners. I own a duplex, I live in one apartment, and one person lives in the other. However, I must pay two bills for the sewer usage, despite the fact there are only two persons using it. Many other households with even as many as eight or more people living in them using the sewer and they too, only pay one bill.

I think the water used for the sewer usage should be what one pays for. I for one would be happy to even pay to have a meter installed, as then I would know I am being charged the correct amount for only two people using the sewer.

The present way of billing is most unfair, and it must be a great struggle for landlords renting more than one apartment, and many with only one tenant in each!


Great Barrington


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