Shameful public disgrace in Lenox

Tuesday June 5, 2012

It is disgraceful that a group led by Sonya Bykofsky chose to defile the memory of Dr. Jordan Fieldman on the anniversary of the dedication of the Belvedere at Kennedy Park by calling for an "occupation" of the site. It is beyond disgraceful that this group of "concerned citizens" is forcing the town of Lenox to waste valuable resources on defending itself in a civil suit that is totally frivolous and without merit.

At great financial and emotional cost, Dr. Fieldman's father, Michael, has turned an overgrown dilapidated picnic area in the woods into a beautiful reflective place to sit and quietly contemplate the beauty that surrounds us. The fact that a small plaque memorializes his exceptional son, who loved this place, only enriches the viewer for the knowledge of this compassionate and talented man. I am profoundly sorry for Michael Fieldman, for the pain that he must feel, to have his magnanimous gift to the community and memorial to his son be treated so shabbily.

Immediately upon reading of this disgusting call for "occupation" and suggested desecration -- "Decorate the granite wall -- and take pictures to illustrate the disturbance" -- I grabbed my camera and headed for the park. My intent was not to protest any perceived wrong, but rather to record anyone so debased, that they would attempt to desecrate the Belvedere. I am extremely happy to say not a single person showed up with the intent of doing anything but enjoying this beautiful spot.

In the not so distant past, one of the harshest condemnations a community could bestow on an individual or group was shame. In my opinion, the actions of Ms. Bykofsky and her followers are truly shameful.




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