Shein represents dramatic change

Monday September 3, 2012

On Thursday I will vote enthusiastically for Bill Shein in the Democratic primary for U.S. representative. He is the only candidate of the three who knows our political and governmental system is broken and has to be rebuilt, not just tweaked here and there. For all their virtues, his two opponents don’t.

Shein would effectively represent the new 1st Congressional District and the many millions of Americans who know transformative change is the answer. He combines the common sense, essential humanity, practical idealism, intellect, and a practically insatiable appetite for the details of public policy needed for this challenge. For the last 10 years he has shown himself to be a gifted analyst and satirist in the tradition of Mark Twain and Russell Baker, communicating and enlightening through humor.

This authentic Berkshire original is the kind of person America needs more of in Congress. It would be a credit to Western Massachusetts to send him there.




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