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Dear Short Answers >> My neighbor has two small children (around 10 or 12 years old, I think). When they come home from school every day, they have to wait outside in the front yard until their mother comes home to unlock the front door. No matter what the weather is like, they have to wait outside and I am worried about them. Should I talk to the mother? Should I let them stay in my house until their mom comes home? Should I stay out of it? I don't want my neighbor to think I am spying on her or her kids. Any advice would be helpful.

— Lady Next Door

DEAR LADY >> If you would enjoy after school milk and cookies and chatting up the kids, make the offer to the mom. If you are not willing to help, then stay out of it.

Too much information

Dear Short Answers >> I love the way that my hair stylist cuts my hair — but how do I get her to shut up when she's working? I feel like a captive in her chair for an hour while she rambles and rants and tells me personal things I don't want to know. I don't want to insult her but it's non-stop blather and it drives me crazy.

— Peggy

DEAR PEGGY >> Bring a book.

Nice try

Dear Short Answers >> I have a member of my team who stutters pretty badly. He's good at his job, but when he presents his work to clients, it's pretty uncomfortable for everyone in the room. To date, I've allowed him to present because I want to show him the respect he deserves and I want him to have ownership. I've always figured "the client will get past it and will appreciate the work." Well today, I was told by the owner of my company that the stutterer simply must not be allowed to present anymore. So, here are my options: a) pull the stutterer aside and be frank about the situation and tell him his work is great, but unfortunately his stuttering is hurting us, or b) don't say anything, but limit his presence in client meetings and when he does attend, simply present the work myself. What would you do?

— JP

DEAR JP >> Your instincts were great, but under the circumstances, we pick option A.

No contest

Dear Short Answers >> My son wants to quit school. He says he will get a GED. Is a GED as good as a high school diploma?

— Worried Mom

DEAR MOM >> NO. A GED is not as good as a high school diploma. Studies show that graduates are better able to hold jobs and advance, develop long-term relationships and stay out of trouble than those who earn a GED. This is because kids who stay in school learn lessons like persistence, the ability to delay gratification and commitment to goals. Do every thing you can to keep your son in school until he graduates.

Not love, actually

Dear Short Answers >> I really prefer having sex with myself versus having sex with other people. Is that a problem?

— 40R

DEAR 40R >> Not a problem until (unless) you are looking for a cuddle, understanding or some home cooking.

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