Short Answers: Good manners cover multitude of sins


Dear Short Answers >> There is an older woman (in her 70s or 80s, I would guess) who I see frequently at the grocery store and other places in town. She is always very well-dressed and seems pretty sharp.

The odd thing is that she always introduces herself to me (even though we have met many times). But the really odd part is that she always uses a different name! Sometimes she is Adelaide, sometimes she is Margaret, sometimes she is Susannah.

I don't know whether she is joking, crazy, senile or just odd. I would simply ignore it, but I am concerned there might be a medical problem that needs attention. What do you think I should do?

— Concerned

DEAR C >> There may well be a problem, but nothing that you, as a casual acquaintance can do about it. Next time say, "Yes, we have met before but I thought your name was Margaret, my mistake?" Might give a clue she needs.

Game of hearts

Dear Short Answers >> Valentine's Day is coming up and I don't have a girl friend or a date. Where do you suggest I go on that dreaded night all alone and by myself?

— Lonely Heart

DEAR LONELY >> We always thought that Valentine's Day, like New Year's Eve, was for amateurs — however, if you are determined to go out, hold your head high, you may meet someone.

Dear Short Answers >> I have a dog that is diabetic and on a very strict diet. Between special food and insulin injections, he is doing pretty good.

The problem is well-meaning dog-lovers who insist on "sneaking" him a treat. There are shop owners who have treats behind their counters. The other dog owners in the dog park carry treats in their purses.

I'm happy that people love dogs, but giving my dog a treat is no different than giving a diabetic child a candy bar. Half the time, the treat is in my dog's mouth before I can even yell "stop!" I can't keep my dog locked in the house. What do I do?

— Dado

DEAR DADO >> How about a T-shirt that says, "Don't feed me"? After a week or two, your point will be made.

Dear Short Answers >> Hi, I'm 23 years old. Three years ago, I saw a man and I fell in love with him (love at first sight maybe!), but he doesn't know it. And I didn't see him again. I couldn't tell him because I'm afraid of his reaction and I can't get him out of my mind. What should I do?

— Peg

DEAR PEG >> After three years, this doesn't sound like love, it sounds like an obsession. Seek help — you are hiding from real life in a fantasy.

Free to be you and me

Dear Short Answers >> When you're having a big dinner party with several different tables, is it proper to split up married couples or should married couples sit together at the same table?

— Party Coming

DEAR PARTY >> We tend split up couples ... seems to work well. Everyone gets to tell their own story — without comment from the peanut gallery!

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