Short Answers: Ignore requests on Kickstarter


Dear Short Answers >> What do you think of this new trend to raise money on sites like Kickstarter for personal vacations and weddings? I've gotten a half-dozen of these requests over the past couple of months. Since when did it become my responsibility to pay for your vacation. This takes a lot of nerve don't you think?

— Frankly Appalled

DEAR FRANK >> Yes, we do find it pretty strange, but we don't worry too much. We just don't contribute to requests of this kind.

Popularity contest

Dear Short Answers >> How do I become popular? My friends and I wanna be the "big shots" in school.

— Help Us

DEAR HELP >> "Popular" is an elusive concept. There are many ways to achieve it — sports, school office and just plain old courtesy and respect toward others. Be friendly and kind to your fellow students, show they can depend on you and good things will happen.

A cautionary tale

Dear Short Answers >> My childhood friend has decided to marry a guy I don't like. I think he holds her back and discourages all attempts at independence she makes. I've told her many times what I think, but now that they're engaged, I've stopped complaining and try to be supportive. I was polite and very supportive at their engagement party, but now she tells me I'm "uninvited" to her wedding because her fiancé doesn't like me. I'm furious and hurt. Should I beg or walk away? Should I send a gift anyway?

— From Uninvited

DEAR UNINVITED >> Ooooohhhh, that smarts! But we don't think there is anything to be done with any dignity. Hold your tongue and bide your time. If you are right, she will be limp back to you looking for solace within the year. If not, remember to tread lightly the next time a mate asks your opinion on their intended. A gift? We don't think so.

Mind your manners

Dear Short Answers >> What do you say to a person whose mother recently passed away, but you know that the person hadn't seen or talked to his mother in years? In fact, I'm pretty sure he disliked his mother a great deal. Do I send a condolence note or just ignore it?

— Confused

DEAR CONFUSED >> Send a condolence note. The nature of his relationship doesn't negate your obligation to acknowledge the passing.


Dear Short Answers >> Maybe it's because spring is almost here, but I've been thinking a lot about old girlfriends and half-planning a dirty weekend with someone I split up with more than a decade ago. What's this about? Should I do it?

— Bored and Lonely

DEAR B&L >> Manage your expectations. Doing the same thing over again rarely produces a different outcome. But on the other hand ... could be fun.

Dear Short Answers >> Give me a short answer on the issue of networking.

— Jill

DEAR JILL >> Networking is a very good thing.

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