Short Answers: It's all how you look at it ...


Dear Short Answers >> Is there any way to get old people to stop talking about themselves so much? I'm sick and tired of hearing what my 70-year old neighbor had for breakfast and how long he had to wait at the post office. Don't old people have anything interesting to say?

— So Not Interested

DEAR SO >> You are conflating old and boring — lots of young people have nothing to say. Perhaps he thinks that's all you would understand.

Reality bites

Dear Short Answers >> I'm gay and about three weeks ago my boyfriend of several years broke up with me. We've been dating long distance since September 2009, but at first he told me that since the distance was temporary that staying together was worth it because it was me. This summer, I took him with me to Europe for six weeks. We had a great time, got in no fights on the trip, and had a blast. We were best friends and lovers. Now, on opposite coasts, he says he can't feel connected with me at a distance. I do so much to keep our connection going — send him daily news bits, send him postcards, small gifts, planned special/surprise vacations for when we're together.

He's not 100 percent comfortable with his sexuality; he's not even 60 percent comfortable with his sexuality. Everyone knows he's gay for the most part, but he's not public with it at all. I try and talk to him about it.

Months of hearing that he's going to change and broken promises from him have led to a very painful break up. I should hate him and part of me does, but, in reality, I miss him. I miss the person that I thought I knew for so long. I'm a strong and honest person, but I feel so betrayed by him. I gave him my all.

I keep trying to talk to him because I refuse to believe that someone can be so cold for reasons they can't explain. I want answers. My heart hurts so badly! He's just gone. What do I do?

— Heartbroken

DEAR HEARTBROKEN >> You get on with your life and find someone who is more certain. You have answers — just not the ones you want. Sorry.

You got a problem, lady?

Dear Short Answers >> My neighbor is constantly flirting with my husband and it's really starting to bother me. I don't think that my husband is fooling around (this woman is not that attractive to begin with) but he does seem to like the attention. And I just think that obvious flirting past the age of 30 is really unseemly. How do I get her to stop?

— Flo

DEAR FLO >> Sounds like they're having fun — and you aren't. Do you think fun past 30 is also "unseemly"?

Fashion police on the prowl

Dear Short Answers >> Do you think it's OK for heavy-set women to wear really low-cut dresses? I think that E-cup breasts should not be seen in public.


DEAR MJK >> Do the E-cups belong to you? We don't think you should be making wardrobe choices for anyone except yourself.

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