Short Answers: Photos should stay in the past


Dear Short Answers >> With all this publicity about Melania Trump's nude photos, my wife admitted to me that when she was an aspiring actress, she once had a nude photo session. She can't remember what the photos were for, but she needed the money. That was a long time ago and the photos are probably long gone by now, but I'm not sure what to think. Should I just ignore it? Or is this a whole new side of my wife that I need to investigate further?

— Husband, Uncertain

DEAR UNCERTAIN >> Forget it. The past is past. The person you know and love is a product of all her experiences, some bare (sic) discussion, but most often it is a good idea to stay present to enjoy all the drama it offers.

Thank you for not smoking

Dear Short Answers >> My boyfriend is a smoker, but I am not. I have hinted that he should quit, but he tells me he doesn't want to. I know that people change. What are the chances that I can get him to quit if we get really, really serious?

— Betty

DEAR BETTY >> The entire culture is screaming "Don't smoke." Your "hints" — even as they escalate to "nags" — are unlikely to motivate. Sorry.

Are you kidding?

Dear Short Answers >> A woman I casually know accidentally sent me a text that was clearly intended for someone she plans to have sex with. (She immediately followed up with a text that said "please ignore previous text — wrong friend!!"). Would it be wrong to forward this text to her husband and let him deal with whatever it means?

— Wrong Friend

DEAR WR >> Why on earth would you insert yourself into this obviously difficult and no doubt painful situation? Like she said, "Ignore the previous text!"

Your ignorance is showing

Dear Short Answers >> A casual friend of mine recently sent me an email asking me to donate money to a project that her daughter is working on. It's some sort of film project and she needs to raise $15,000. I don't mind giving to real charities or to help someone I actually know. But I have never met this girl and I was a bit annoyed by the request. Should I tell my friend that I think her request was in poor taste? Or do I just delete the email and never mention it?

— Miffed

DEAR MIFFED >> This is called crowd-funding and uses social networks to raise money for entrepreneurial or cause-related projects. Your friend is just getting with the program. Our advice is to check out the proposal, evaluate it on its merits and contribute or don't. Poor taste has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

Make a deal

Dear Short Answers >> I just found out that a friend of mine who claims to be 51 is actually 61!! She looks amazing. I am dying to tell the other girls. Would I be the worst friend in the world if I did that? This is too good to keep to myself!

— 55

DEAR 55 >> If we were you, we would ask her how she does it and take a vow of silence.

How to feel better now

Dear Short Answers >> What is the secret of life?

— Need Help

DEAR NH >> Do the most difficult thing of your day first.

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