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Dear Short Answers >> I have gotten so sick and tired of people posting their amazing vacation photos on Facebook. Why are all my friends going to incredible countries and having incredible adventures when I have to stay home and work????

— Crabby

DEAR CRABBY >> We don't know why you can't manage a vaca — but surely you can take a FB break. Sounds like you need one.

Full disclosure

Dear Short Answers >> About 6 months ago I moved to a new city and have been trying to get to know new people. One of my co-workers must have thought I was gay (which I am not) because he invited me to a social event at the local gay and lesbian center. I went anyway and had a great time. I've been back several times and have made a lot of new, really great friends. Now I am feeling a bit guilty and think I need to tell people that I am not a lesbian. Nobody has been hitting on me and everybody has been as sweet as they can be. But I feel that I am making friends under false pretenses like being on J-Date when you're not Jewish. Do you think I should announce my heterosexuality or just keep making friends and hope that it comes out naturally?

— Worried

DEAR WORRIED >> Sounds like you are the only one who is unclear but surely there is the opportunity to reveal your sexual identity without making an announcement.

Dear Short Answers >> I should have written a condolence note two months ago, but I didn't. Now I feel like I need to cross the street every time I see the person. What should I do? Apologize?

— Mortified

DEAR M >> Trust us, the person is still grieving — write the note. And don't apologize – this isn't about you.

— Mia

Dear Short Answers >> I have a very dear friend who has had two children over the past four years. Before the kids, we went out together, talked almost every day and truly enjoyed each other's company. I know that kids will change relationships like this but ever since they were born, that's all my friend can talk about. My kids did this, my kids are amazing, blah, blah, blah. I am unable to have children myself so I think it's doubly insensitive of her. I don't want to rain on her parade – but should I just stop talking to her for about 18 years and wait until this phase of her life is over?

— Missing My Friend

DEAR MMF >> We've heard this story before and we get it! Confrontation is unlikely to work and ignoring your feelings won't either. We suggest you back off for awhile and schedule visits around movies, plays and other people of your choice. Maybe she will get the message.

Be careful what you wish for?

Dear Short Answers >> My boyfriend is too nice to me. It makes me feel like he isn't a real man. Should I tell him how I feel?

— Princess

DEAR P >> Examine your values. Would you like him to break your nose?

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