Show compassion for rape victim

Thursday August 30, 2012

The August 26 letter from Chris Dutil ("Punish the rapist, not the child") is about the same nonsense as Todd Akin professed.

The writer states that Akin is correct in stating that rape victims can somehow will themselves to not get pregnant and then goes on to actually state that if a rape victim gets pregnant they should automatically carry the fetus for nine months to term and deliver the baby. Never mind the welfare of the rape victim, both physically and emotionally, just don't get an abortion! This kind of thinking belongs in the Spanish Inquisition when people were tortured to death for being non believers!

If a woman is assaulted and raped she is the victim and she then receives police protection and medical care. If she is pregnant and wants to abort the unwanted child resulting from this sexual assault she may do that without any grief from anyone! Perhaps the writer feels sorry for the rapist and wants him to be a daddy!

Men who commit these acts crave power over women and are violent criminals who belong in jail. Allowing their children from these acts to be born makes them a daddy with parental rights from birth. Visitation rights with the child and yes, victim could be a reality! Is that what the writer wants?


Shaftsbury, Vt.


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