Signs of end of Western civilization

Sunday March 31, 2013

I believe our civilization is falling apart much like the Roman Empire fell apart. The lack of honesty, integrity, and morality, both politically and secular, is exposed daily in the news media. The world as a whole has moved further away from God in the past the 40 years than in the previous 300. The biggest change is perhaps the birth of the professional politician. The current political process has come to exist primarily to preserve itself.

Human rights and justice (the rule of law) have been diminished and ignored using the rational of social justice and politically correct nonsense. Distribution of wealth is a social injustice, it perpetuates welfare. The astute professional politician knows where his votes comes from and knows that for the poor to continue receiving government handouts is for them to keep him in power. If this means selling one’s principles, and yes religion, so be it. High unemployment and unsustainable debt have put this country on the verge of bankruptcy.

Some historical events may resonate with current events. In the 1930-’40s Joseph Goebbels controlled the news and created the greatest propaganda machine ever. Today, bias in the mainstream media. Stalin caused hardships and loss of life to achieve his agenda. Today, the contrived hardships of sequestration. Mussolini had secret organizations outside of his government control and helped conduct outlawed union strikes. Today, unions are bankrupting some cities and causing hardships to many others while using their members’ money to support politicians.

Hitler caused the extermination of Jews and Catholics among others, such as the crippled and diseased. Today, we have abortion and euthanasia. On September 11, 2011 America declared war on terrorism. Today, a loss of privacy.

The Arab spring, the nuclear arms race, the economic crises in most countries have created a volatile world. Could the fall of Western civilization result in WWIII? I hope not! What changes could prevent the annihilation of our current civilizations?

I would suggest that when the majority of people are concerned enough to know and understand the common sense facts of current events, and these people have the moral conviction to make the hard decision to do what is right, and are ready to absorb the hardships and consequences, a fall could be averted. What are the chances of these things happening?




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