Smitty solves problems large, small

Friday October 19, 2012

Berkshire County is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth to live and raise a family. The special people who live here add a great deal to our quality of life.

One of those very special people is Representative Smitty Pignatelli. As our state representative, Smitty is responsible for strategizing on complex issues concerning technology, tax codes, health care, education, environmental concerns, and the list goes on. He is also responsible for the day-to-day issues, large and small, that concern folks’ daily lives. He is responsible for tracking down a veteran’s benefits, identifying resources for elderly parents, helping a mom find day care and countless other issues that confound folks each and every day.

Seldom are constituents lucky enough to have a representative who sees the big picture and works on issues that will keep us safe for years to come, as well as taking a personal interest in each and very man, woman, and child in his district. Smitty Pignatelli is that representative and he excels in these diverse and complicated arenas.

Over the years, Smitty has taken a keen interest in the problems of local nonprofit agencies. Their mission statements become his mission statements. He is available to unravel issues revolving funding and reimbursement as well as advocating for every precious state dollar. He does this because he has taken the time to know the work of nonprofit agencies and what they bring to our quality of life.

Smitty is committed to Berkshire County and all of us. Representing us in Boston is not a job to him. It is his life’s work and it shows in his compassionate concern and hard work. Please join us in voting for Smitty Pignatelli on Nov. 6.






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