Sold on Phillips for register of deeds

Tuesday September 4, 2012

After reading Thursday's Eagle article about the debates and the discussions about qualifications for the register of deeds position, I felt compelled to write a letter regarding the candidates.

Most people who vote, do so for a particular candidate that they support; some people vote against a candidate (Nixon vs. McGovern). My preference is to look for the person who will be the best choice based on qualifications and experience, and although all three candidates have various skills and expertise that would help them achieve success, I believe Jody Phillips is the clear choice based on her previous civil service experience and the management skills she has gained from her current employer.

I have been pleased to work with Jody recently on a critical business issue that involved customer participation, and have seen her work ethic, communication and leadership skills, and her ability to support customer initiatives while gaining consensus among some very strong willed team mates.

The register of deeds is a management position, and her experience managing public records as the city clerk while maintaining all the legal requirements gives her the edge in this race in my view. She is personable, honest, has exceptional oral and written skills, and manages her customer interfaces here with an eye towards costs and customer satisfaction.

To leave a lucrative job in private industry and go back to public service tells me everything I need to know about Jody's character, integrity, and desire to serve.

Based on the above, I'll be voting for Jody Phillips as the person who I believe is the best choice for the register of deeds.




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