Soulless government and its people

Tuesday January 29, 2013

Terrorism on the rise, national debt at an all-time high and rapidly growing, continuous high unemployment, American business personnel and foreign ambassador killed on foreign soil, fighting our nation’s longest war, government cover-up of fast and furious (gun running), Benghazi, and a president who doesn’t think we have a spending problem and spends more than we have -- these are the times "That try men’s soul" (Thomas Payne).

The soul of the majority of American people, or lack thereof, is the real problem plaguing our country. The soul: "The spiritual, rational and immortal part in man, that part of man which enables him to think, and which renders him a subject of moral government." Most of the current politicians lie and most people tolerate this behavior because psychologists says that almost everyone lies.

The government steals from its people, (Social Security trust fund) and then borrows money from the Chinese, without the means to pay it back, without a plan in place.

The national debt, the Ponzi scheme by the politicians, is largely tolerated by the majority of Americans; they too are in debt and move there indebtedness from one institution to another. Borrowing money, goods and services without the ability to repay it, is called stealing, like many people do with their credit cards.

The recent tragedies of school shootings were due to lack of rational values, not guns. The press and the American people, rightfully so, were shocked at the loss of innocent children. The value of a human life is more precious and far outweighs any other current problems.

Where is the outrage when more than 300 innocent children are killed each day of the year due to abortion? Our nation condones and pays for abortion on demand through Planned Parenthood. There are rallies and marches for pro-life and most Christian churches in this Christian country speak out against abortion, yet the majority of their members voted for the current president, who condones this slaughter. Eighty percent of the Latino population, most of which are Catholic, voted for Obama. When will the travesty end?

We are allowing our government (we the people) to lie, steal, and re-interpret the Constitution and Bill of Rights so we may receive instant gratification. The hell with tomorrow is to sell our souls and disregard the values that made this country great. It is time for the "Winter Patriots" to come forward.




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