Spread love in response to sadness

Friday December 21, 2012

I’ve felt a strong sense of frustration these past several days. Unlike past tragedies and natural disasters around the country this very sad event in Newtown, Conn., carries with it no real way to run to the rescue.

My husband and I had an opportunity to go to Pass Christian, Mississippi a year after the flooding. We were able to show our concern by helping to rebuild some of the homes, donating time and money. After hearing the news about the innocent children and adults that were so brutally murdered I felt that strong feeling that I needed to do something.

The frustration came when I realized that there is not one thing any of us can do for those friends and family in that community to ease their pain. No monetary donations, no food or clothing, no National Guard. Frustrating. There are most likely millions of people that would like to help in some way, but how?

So, in our own special way we can use this feeling of compassion as an opportunity in our own communities to treat someone nice today, tomorrow and the next day and on and on. To come to the aid of someone in need, say hello to a stranger, hand someone a flower, buy someone a meal, spend some extra time with family just talking and laughing. And to take special care of our children and grandchildren, showering them with the love they deserve.

These acts of kindness may not directly affect the people in Newtown but if through our concern for their losses we can make one person feel loved today then something good has come from something incredibly sad.




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