St. Joseph Class of 2014 graduates


Aileen Archambault**+, Yukai Cao, Amy Castellani***+, Shaodi Edison Chen*+, Yudu Emily Du, Tyler Ellsworth*, Benjamin Forbes*+, Jingyao Gao***+, Michael Garrity, Michael Goddeau, Yoonjae Gyae*.

Jong Won Hong*+, Hwiyeong Annie Jeong*+, Devon Johnston, Timothy Jones***+, Patrick Kline*+, Andréa Krahforst-Lang*+, Danielle Lapierre*+, Patrick Latini, Yutang Emily Liu***+, Zhengke Suzy Liu, Ralph Nettleton.

Katherine Nugai***+, Wyatt Porter, Anna Prescott, Roma Sabino*, Abigail Saunders*, Meghan Scarpitto, Reagan Smith, Samuel Thomason, Patrick Vander Vennet*+, Timothy Wiles***+, Brendan Wincek, Tian Edison Yan.

*** Highest Honors

** High Honors

* Honors

+ National Honor Society


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