Stand up for Elizabeth Warren

Sunday May 6, 2012

Back in March, Pittsfield resident David Burbank wrote a letter to this paper urging supporters of U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren to "get to work." Well, we took his message to heart, and we’re doing just that -- and we’re inviting everyone who supports Elizabeth to join us.

Very simply, we’re asking all Elizabeth Warren supporters to make 25 calls in their neighborhoods. We’ll provide the list, and volunteers just have to ask one question: "Will you vote for Elizabeth Warren in November?" No persuading. No cajoling. Just one simple question. Then, just before the election, we get back to the folks who say yes and remind them to vote. It’s a simple but reliable way to win this thing.

So, if you are part of the 99 percent (i.e. middle class), and if you think the field is tilted in favor of the 1 percent (i.e. the wealthy), then do yourself -- and your children and grandchildren -- a favor. Join us. If we do this simple thing, then, as Mr. Burbank said so eloquently, "We can have a government envisioned by War ren, one that invests in education and infrastructure, makes health care available to all, stays out of our bedrooms, expects the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes, believes in science and acts to stem climate change, prevents corporations and billionaires from buying elections, and uses diplomacy to defuse complex and dangerous international disputes."

Stand with us, and stand up for Elizabeth Warren. She’s already done more for the middle class as a private citizen than Scott Brown has done in more than two years as a U.S. senator. Email berkshires4ew or call Sher wood Guernsey at 499-3520.




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