State rep. is vocation for Farley-Bouvier

State rep. is vocation for Farley-Bouvier

To the editor:

I support Tricia Farley-Bouvier for election to represent us in the Massachusetts Statehouse.

I am committed to her sense of leadership because of her commitment to us. A recent David Brooks column in the New York Times distinguished the types of politicians by those who have a vocation — a calling — and the careerist. The ones with a vocation believe that they must bring their abilities, energies and talent to serve the public good, and are committed to serving that long-term ideal. Tricia has that vocation.

Quite simply, it is sacred work they do, and that she does: helping address our social, economic and health problems. Look at Tricia's work with the opioid bill. Our sense of community — look at her work in bringing funding for our amazing Commons Park. Have you seen the city's children in the sweltering heat, laughing in the delights of that splash pad or met a neighbor at the next booth at the Saturday farmers market, or stretched out in a lawn chair for Shakespeare in the Park? This is the heartbeat of our community, in a park brought to us by the vision of Deval Patrick and the work on funding of Tricia and our City's Park Commission.

Look forward toward the future, there is the building (and funding) for a new Taconic High School, and growing our city's economy. Consider her amazing work for Pittsfield as a designated Gateway City to bring money to our schools, fund the Innovation Center, and help our most precious resource, our children, with The Shannon Grant that benefits children at risk.

She explores creative ways to improve our future, an example of which is the Tyler Street development for new businesses and a revitalization of that neighborhood. She takes joy in this work, and is always accessible to us, and open to listening.

Examine her record, ask her about your concerns. She will be there, with an open heart and mind, guided by her sense of commitment to action.

Sheila E. McKenna, Pittsfield


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