States are too easy on abortion

Sunday January 20, 2013

I am writing in response to Gail Collins’ column, "The Woes of Roe" (op-ed, Jan. 13). In it Ms. Collins gave examples of restrictions that certain states have on abortion -- restrictions which she seemed to feel were outrageous. Some of these include requiring women who wish to have an abortion to get ultrasounds so they can have a more complete understanding of exactly what they are doing. Other restrictions include architectural regulations, and restrictions on what kind of medical qualifications a doctor must have.

I must say, that for my part, I completely agree with Ms. Collins that these restrictions are a simple outrage. It is simply outrageous that these states are going so easy on those who want to murder their babies.

Restrictions on abortion are unacceptable. Abortion must be made illegal outright. The only compromises that can be made are situations where a women’s life is in danger or if the pregnancy results from rape or incest.

While I definitely can see the case for making abortion legal in those situations, I would personally suggest quite strongly that a woman who undergoes the trauma of rape or incest not punish her baby for his/her father’s sin.

On Jan. 25 I will be going with many fellow laborers for the cause of life to Washington, D.C. to protest 40 years of jurisprudence giving Americans the right to murder their own children.

If you are interested in coming as well you can contact Pioneer Valley Massachusetts Citizens For Life ( or 413-583-5034) which is providing transportation for a very reasonable price. Hope to see you there!




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