Support Israeli people, not government policies

Tuesday September 25, 2012

I was pleased to read the letter by Jason Francis ("Israel-Pentagon Benefit from Turmoil", Sept. 24). I believe he hit it right on the head.

I support the Israeli people, but am not a supporter of the Israeli government or the ideologies of the bellicose and noisy Zionists that comprise a large part of the populace. I also, matter-of-factly, do not support the government of Iran or North Korea, but support the Iranian and Korean people.

Nor am I antigovernment. We need strong and fair governments, but I recognize that governments are not always fair, honorable and concerned about the best interests of all of their people. Israel is no different.

However, the problem with Israel is that she is in an immoral and cruel occupation of the Palestinian peoples in order to realize the Zionist objective of having the "Promised Land." Even more dangerous, this is taking place in a strategic part of the world where most of our current energy (oil) comes from.

This occupation is evidently, as the letter writer pointed out, done under the banners of "fighting terrorism" and "self-defense." After all, when one talks about Israel's occupation you always get the pro-Israel rebuke that some radicals have suggested Israel be pushed back into the sea or wiped off the map. But that has nothing to do with Israel's occupation. It would be equivalent to a man trespassing onto someone's property, brutalizing the family and justifying it because the neighbor down the street questioned the violator's home-ownership. Govern ments, like people, know right from wrong.

Peace will come to Palestine and, therefore, to the Middle East when all Jewish settlers have finally been motivated by the Israeli government to leave the West Bank. And Jerusalem should become an international city where Jews, Christians and Muslims can all have their capitals and, in a tripartite government, equally oversee the functioning of that historic city. This peace will never happen as long as America continues to give Israel billions of dollars every year and uses its veto power to protect Israel at the Security Council, which allows Israel, as Mr. Francis aptly stated, to "thumb its nose at international law". No one is above the law, but Israel acts like it is.

It is disheartening that more members of the Jewish community do not take a public and vocal stand against Israel's brutality. Of all people, the Jews should know what it is like to be oppressed.


Great Barrington


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