Suspended sentence for man who admits to secret sex tape

Thursday July 19, 2012

PITTSFIELD -- A 65-year-old man accused of filming himself having sex with an unsuspecting partner was given a 12-month suspended sentence and a year's probation on Wednesday.

Patricio Quintero of Hubbard Avenue admitted to secretly filming the encounter inside his former business in August 2010 and violating a restraining order involving the same woman.

"I had no idea. I was astonished," the woman said. She said she was humiliated by what Quintero did.

The woman, now 28, claimed Quintero tried to blackmail her after she broke up with him by threatening to show it to her friends and family. She also said two men told her that Quintero showed them the video on his phone at Pittsfield bars.

Quintero's attorney, Mark T. Brennan, said his client had never shown the video to anyone and didn't frequent bars. Brennan said Quintero's relationship with the woman lasted 18 months.

The couple had taken pictures of one another during their relationship, the attorney said, and the video was made to give to the woman.

The defense didn't take the case to trial so the tape wouldn't be shown in court for the woman's sake, said Brennan.

Since this happened, Quintero lost his wife, his used car business and his house, said Brennan.

Assistant Berkshire District Attorney Dana Parsons said Quintero's actions were a complete violation of the victim's trust.

"A large aspect of her life has been haunted by his actions," said Parsons.

Eight months ago, the woman was seriously injured in a car accident and was comatose for a period of time. She has since been recovering from her injuries.

Wednesday at Central Berk shire District Court, the woman walked with difficulty to present her victim impact statement. The woman said she met Quintero while shopping for a vehicle, didn't know how old he was or that he was married until later in the relationship.

The woman told the court that learning to walk correctly again would be easier than recovering from Quintero's actions.

Parsons asked for 18 months in jail for Quintero with six months to be served and the rest suspended for two years.

Brennan, citing Quintero's age and minor police record, asked that his client be given probation.

Judge Fredric D. Rutberg called Quintero's act a "real, real violation" of the woman's trust and sentenced him to a 12-month suspended jail sentence with a year's probation for single counts of photographing an unsuspecting nude person and violation of an abuse prevention order. The judge also ordered him to stay away from the victim and her immediate family.

The case was investigated by Pittsfield Police Det. Thomas Dawley.


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