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PITTSFIELD -- Four years ago, the majority of faculty, staff and students at Taconic High School were strangers to the incoming freshman. The Class of 2014 would eventually get to know and learn from people who would become some of their favorite teachers and best friends -- the good kind of strangers, according to salutatorian Lucas Benjamin.

"Imagine if you hadn't met them at that time or ever. I bet you wouldn't change that moment at all," he said at Taconic's commencement Sunday afternoon. "You didn't even know they existed, but little did any of us know how much potential they had to change our lives."

Benjamin encouraged his classmates to continue seeking out new relationships that will guide their personal and professional lives beyond the high school campus.

"You should always avoid people lurking in dark alleys, those who wear trench coats and especially anyone who wears socks and sandals at the same time," he quipped. "But you shouldn't avoid [other] people ... simply because you don't know them."

Benjamin's words of wisdom came prior to the 237 seniors receiving their diplomas before family and friends who packed the Taconic gymnasium for the graduation ceremony.

Bailey Stokes took the time to thank her mom, dad and other family, along with influential teachers she said were "invaluable" to her four-year journey through Taconic. The class valedictorian called on the newest alumni to also never forget those who helped guide them to graduation day.

"Our four years have taught me to find people that you can count on and trust -- and keep them close," she said. "They taught me to treat everyone with respect, no matter what."

Stokes noted that Taconic has provided the Class of 2014 with the foundation atop which they can build "an equally strong and wonderful life."

Taconic Principal John Vosburgh helped lay that foundation, stretching back to his days at Reid Middle School. He praised the students he first knew as sixth-graders and followed them to Taconic when he became principal of the Valentine Road campus.

Vosburgh urged the class to find that one person to count on during good and bad times, like his late Uncle Dan.

"He was a simple man who never asked for anything in return," the principal said. "He was my go-to guy when times were tough or I had a difficult decision to make."

"Who is your ‘Uncle Dan'?" Vosburgh asked. "If you don't have one, find one."

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Taconic High School Class of 2014

Lauren Aitken, Anita Akor**, Lynda Akor, Christian Alligood, Nicholas Amuso, Shaquille Ardrey, Makenzi Astore*+, Catherine Barry*+, Veronica Beaupre*+, Lucas Benjamin*+, Marisa Benjamin, Austin Benlien, Owen Bewry, Destiny Bigelow*, Devon Bigelow.

Jesse Boateng, Lindsay Booth**, Carly Borelli**, Patrick Boua**+, Kelsey Bradley, Alayna Brett-Lucaroni, Jamie Brown, Jacob Burke, Justin Burnell**, Connor Carey*+, Joshua Carlson, Cristian Carrillo, Alex Carusotto, Julie Castagna*+, Weimon Chi.

Brianna Christman, Mitchell Clary, Michael Coelho**+, Quinton Cookis**+, Ciara Corl, Ian Corl, Michaela Craft, Nicole Crawford, Garrett Crennan, Tierney Crocker, Victoria Croshier*+, Caitlyn Cross, Victoria Cummings*+, Lindsay Curry**+, Jeana Danylieko*+.

Paul Davila*+, Glenda Davis, Michael Davis, Laddie Dean, Kaitlin Dearstyne, Frank DeBaggis, Carly Decker, Adam Delphia*+, Ethan Delphia, Noah Depew, Alex Derby, Joseph Dewey**, Kevin Dias Jr., Kadie Dickson, Thomas DiCroce, Nicholas Donati, Brandon Dow.

Kayla Doyle*, McKenzie Doyle, Peter Dubin, Andrew Dupont, Mallory Eddy*+, Matthew Eichorn-Guest**+, Amanda Ely, Elina Estrella, Jeremy Feliciano, Christopher Fernett, Marcella Ferry, Mitchell Ferry*+, Taylor Fiske, Mohamed Fofana, Lindsey Ford*+, Dominique Frink.

Corey Frydel, Heather Gagliardi, Serena Gauthier**, Danielle George**+, Isabelle George**+, Kristina Geranios, Maria Giacoletto*+, Jane Gillette, Lexia Gillette, Regan Gillette, Jared Godfrey**+, Danielle Grandbois**, Sierra Grieb, Alexander Hall**, Roger Halla.

Andrew Hall-Dunnells, Arien Hardy, Azeanna Marie Harford, Kelsey Hassan, Kaliegh Hayes, Justin Hebler, Celeste Henault, Sarah Henault, Jennifer Hernandez*, Alexis Hoffman, Haley Hubbard, James Hubby, Ka'Dezsha Jackson, Jacquelyne Kays**, Leann Keeler.

Brennan Kickery, Isaac King, Shantel King-Reynolds**, Kimberley Kirchner*+, Alexis Klemansky, Haleigh Knights, Joseph Kozlowski**+, Lisa Laughnane**, Maria Laureyns, Cheyanne Lefebvre, Katelyn LeMay, Holly Leskovitz, Lauren LeVardi, T-Bone Johnny Lingebach.

Andrew Lockman, Courtney Luscier*+, Kelsey Magri**, Devon Malik, Bryan Maloy, Bridget Mara-Williams*+, Kyle Marcantel, Michael Martin, Samantha Martin, Kylie Mason*+, Luis Mata, Luz Mateo, Johnathan May**+, Megan McCauley*+, Ashley McClellan*+, Kirsten McNeice**+.

MacKenzie Melski, Samantha Metcalf, James Miller, Dylan Moody*+, Samantha Morse, Logan Mulrooney, Dallas Murray, LeBran Mussio Jr., Dominic Nda, Jessica North, Angela O'Neil*+, José Ortiz, Casey Ouillette*+, Pooja Pandit, Angela Pannesco**, Yesica Perez Lopéz, Michael Perkett, Brandon Perrault, Justin Pettograsso, Corey Phillips, Kristen Pierce**, Michelle Pierce*+.

Rebecka Poirier, Nicholas Pomeroy, Lolita Poripski, Christopher Powers, Sienna Powers*+, Katherine Proudy, Cote Pudlo*+, Jack Quattrochi, Carly Rapisarda, Bradley Reardon**, Ashley Reed, Ashli Reese, Ashley Reyes, Duane Reynolds, Mickayla Riddle, Jennifer Rilla, Brandon Rochelo, Victoria Rock.

Christian Rodriguez, Kevin Rosales, Amanda Rosier*+, Lauren Russo*+, Anna Sarabia, Andrew Scace, Katelyn Scace, Matthew Scace, Cameron Scholz, Chad Scholz, Austin Shaw, Jonathan Shoff, Evan Skubel, Nyanna Slaughter*+, Mallorie Smith, George Sommerville**.

Adam Sperlonga**, Ronald St. Pierre, Kristi Stedman**, Bailey Stokes*+, Kyle Strack*+, Blake Strzepa, Demitryia Sweener, Nathan Szabo, Alexys Tart, Michael Taylor, Marcel Teixeira-Ingram Jr., Tiffany Thompson**+, Ryan Tierney, Dominique Todd*+.

Jared Tournier*+, Samantha Trova, Zachariah Turner, Bryan Tynan, Breanna Verge, Kadence Verge*, Mary Wallace**, Brandon Walton**+, Alexander Wesolowski, Keiana West*+, Rachel Westbrooks, Michael Wheaton Jr., Stephanie Whipple, Emily White.

Kira White, Raymond White, Nicholas Whittaker, Madisen Wicker*+, Kaylee Wilcox, Bradley Williams*, Andrew Winston, Stephen Witkowski, Steven Wojtkowski Jr., Ashley Wood, Jenna Wood, Lauren Wurtemberger, Chance Yuknis.

* High Honors

** Honors

+ National Honor Society

Taconic High School Awards & Scholarships

Valedictorian: Bailey Stokes.

Salutatorian: Lucas Benjamin.

Academic Excellence in Art Award: Kyle Strack.

Academic Excellence in AP English Awards: Veronica Beaupre, Megan McCauley.

Academic Excellence in English Awards: Adam Delphia, Andrew Lockman.

Academic Excellence in Writing Award: Jennifer Hernandez.

Academic Excellence in Foreign Language Awards: French: Luis Mata. Italian: Megan McCauley. Latin: Lucas Benjamin. Spanish: Julie Castagna.

Academic Excellence in History Award: Lucas Benjamin.

Academic Excellence in AP Psychology Award: Megan McCauley.

Academic Excellence in Mathematics Awards: AP Calculus: Lucas Benjamin. AP Statistics: Veronica Beaupre. Calculus: Sienna Powers. Pre-Calculus: Adam Delphia. Pre-Calculus: Isabelle George.

Academic Excellence in Science Awards: Anatomy and Physiology: Jeana Danylieko. Anatomy and Physiology: Amanda Ely. Physics: Adam Sperlonga. Physics: Madisen Wicker. Senior Science Research: Kimberley Kirchner.

Academy of Business Management Certificate Awards: Catherine Barry, Alayna Brett-Lucaroni, Jacob Burke, Quinton Cookis, Ciara Corl, Lindsay Curry, Frank DeBaggis, Joseph Dewey, Kadie Dickson, Mallory Eddy, Matthew Eichorn-Guest, Elina Estrella, Isabelle George, Lisa Laughnane, Bryan Maloy, Kirsten McNeice, Samantha Morse, Casey Ouillette, Angela Pannesco, Michael Perkett, Michelle Pierce, Nicholas Pomeroy, Sienna Powers, Bradley Reardon, Lauren Russo, Nyanna Slaughter, George Sommerville, Kristi Stedman, Jared Tournier, Kira White, Andrew Winston, Stephen Witkowski.

Academy of Human Services Certificate Awards: Lauren Aitken, Devon Bigelow, Kelsey Bradley, Michaela Craft, Tierney Crocker, Glenda Davis, Peter Dubin, Mitchell Ferry, Celeste Henault, Tyler Johnson, Alexis Klemansky, Cheyanne Lefebvre, Kylie Mason, Luis Mata, Dominic Nda, Angela O'Neil, Austin Shaw, Mallorie Smith, Michael Taylor, Nicholas Whittaker, Kaylee Wilcox.

Academy of Information Technology Certificate Awards: Makenzi Astore, Patrick Boua, Justin Burnell, Joshua Carlson, Mitchell Clary, Adam Delphia, Christopher Fernett, Serena Gauthier, Danielle Grandbois, Joseph Kozlowski, Logan Mulrooney, Mickayla Riddle, Christian Rodriguez, Anna Sarabia, Matthew Scace, Kadence Verge, Mary Wallace.

Academy of Science and Engineering Certificate Awards: Anita Akor, Lynda Akor, Brianna Christman, Michael Coelho, Caitlyn Cross, Jeana Danylieko, Michael Davis, Kayla Doyle, Amanda Ely, Danielle George, Kelsey Hassan, Sarah Henault, Alexis Hoffman, Brennan Kickery, Kimberley Kirchner, Courtney Luscier, Michael Martin, Ashley McClellan, Dylan Moody, Kristen Pierce, Cote Pudlo, Kevin Rosales, Cameron Scholz, Bailey Stokes, Samantha Trova, Brandon Walton, Keiana West, Rachel Westbrooks, Emily White, Madisen Wicker, Ashley Wood, Lauren Wurtemberger.

Advanced Placement Art Portfolio Award: Demitryia Sweener.

Business Professionals of America Awards: Makenzi Astore, Quinton Cookis, Kadie Dickson, Kirsten McNeice, Casey Ouillette, Angela Pannesco, Michelle Pierce, Sienna Powers, Lauren Russo, George Sommerville, Jared Tournier.

Career Technical Education Awards: Auto Body: Ian Corl. Auto Mechanics: Jonathan Shoff. Carpentry: Chad Scholz. Culinary Arts: Nicholas Donati. Health Technology: Marisa Benjamin. Metal Fabrication: Arien Hardy.

Cisco Network Certification
(CCNA1) Awards:
Makenzi Astore, Patrick Boua, Justin Burnell, Joshua Carlson, Mitchell Clary, Adam Delphia, Christopher Fernett, Danielle Grandbois, Logan Mulrooney, Mickayla Riddle, Anna Sarabia, Kadence Verge, Mary Wallace.

Co-operative Learning Excellence Awards in Memory of Stan Daoust: Auto Body: Ian Corl. Auto Mechanics: Jonathan Shoff. Carpentry: Adam Sperlonga. Culinary Arts: Katherine Proudy. Health Technology: Kaitlin Dearstyne, Samantha Metcalf. Metal Fabrication: James Hubby.

Daughters of the American Revolution "Good Citizen" Award: Casey Ouillette.

Health Technology Awards, Certified Nursing Assistant Certificates, Alzheimer's Care Giver Training, American Heart Association CPR and First Aid: Marisa Benjamin, Kaitlin Dearstyne, Azeanna Harford, Ka'Dezsha Jackson, Samantha Metcalf, Lolita Poripski, Ashley Reed, Duane Reynolds, Victoria Rock, Breanna Verge.

Improvement in English Award: Kadie Dickson.

Louis Green Post 140, Jewish War Veterans Award, "Classmate Today, Neighbor Tomorrow": George Sommerville.

Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents' Certificate of Academic Excellence Awards: Lucas Benjamin, Bailey Stokes.

Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Award for Excellence in Spanish: Bailey Stokes.

Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Award for Leadership in Spanish: Casey Ouillette.

Massachusetts Secondary School Administration Student Achievement Award: Stephen Witkowski.

Massachusetts Vocational Association/Outstanding Vocational Technical Student Award: Adam Sperlonga.

Massachusetts Vocational Association/Presidential Certificate of Merit Award: Dominique Frink.

Massachusetts Vocational Association/Vocational Technical Student Achievement Award Nominee: Samantha Metcalf.

National Latin Exam Cum Laude Award: Veronica Beaupre.

National Latin Exam Magna Cum Laude Award: Keiana West.

National Latin Exam Maxima Cum Laude Award: Lucas Benjamin.

Outstanding Achievement in Biology: Paul Davila, Keiana West.

Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry: Mickayla Riddle.

Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Science: Lucas Benjamin.

Outstanding Student in Physical Education Awards: Female: Jennifer Hernandez. Male: LeBran Mussio Jr.

Perfect Attendance for Four Years Awards: Lucas Benjamin, Julie Castagna, José Ortiz.

Pittsfield Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Co-Chair Awards: Alex Carusotto, Quinton Cookis, Kirsten McNeice.

Pittsfield Rotary Club Service-Above-Self Awards: Nyanna Slaughter, Adam Sperlonga, Bailey Stokes.

Taconic High School Library Reader Award: Tiffany Thompson.

Taconic High School Music Awards: Excellence in Chorus: Julie Castagna, Marcella Ferry. Most Improved in Chorus: Jessica North. Outstanding Achievement in Chorus: Jacquelyne Kays, Raymond White. Excellence in Concert Band: Victoria Croshier. Excellence in Theatre: Raymond White, Jenna Wood. Most Improved in Theatre: Demitryia Sweener. Outstanding Achievement in Theatre: Frank DeBaggis, Megan McCauley.

Taconic High School Principal's Leadership Award: Makenzi Astore.

The 98.5 Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation "High School Hero" Award: Lucas Benjamin.

Thomas Scagliarini Vocational Athletic Award: Katherine Proudy.

United States Marine Corps/Distinguished Athlete Awards: Female Varsity Athlete: Lindsay Curry. Male Varsity Athlete: Dominic Nda.

United States Marine Corps/Scholastic Excellence Award: Bailey Stokes.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post Post 448 "Voice of Democracy" Essay Award: Kylie Mason.

Allendale School PTO Scholarship given in Memory of Janice P. Oboyski: Keiana West.

Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Pittsfield Lodge 272 Scholarships: Lucas Benjamin, Joseph Kozlowski, Madisen Wicker.

Berkshire Bank Foundation Scholarships: Sienna Powers, Adam Sperlonga.

Berkshire Community College Foundation/General Scholarships: Andrew Lockman, Jack Quattrochi, Kevin Rosales, Adam Sperlonga, Kyle Strack.

Berkshire Community College Foundation/Grace Hampel Scholarship: Holly Leskovitz.

Berkshire Community College Foundation/J. Edward Dery Jr. Memorial Scholarships: Dominique Todd, Bradley Williams.

Berkshire Community College Foundation/POP Scholarship: Kevin Rosales.

Berkshire County ARC Scholarships: Lindsey Ford, MacKenzie Melski, Sienna Powers.

Berkshire Premier Soccer Scholarship in Memory of Kathy Sinico and Don Agar: Courtney Luscier.

Big Y Scholarships for Academic Excellence: Makenzi Astore, Lucas Benjamin.

Bob Knightly Lacrosse Scholarships: Makenzi Astore, Dylan Moody.

Capeless Elementary School/Eugene T. O'Brien Scholarship: Kadence Verge.

Carolyn T. Sacco Memorial Scholarship: Michelle Pierce.

Charles A. Persip Post 68 American Legion Scholarship: Catherine Barry.

Charles A. Persip Post 68 American Legion Career Technical Scholarship: Dominique Frink.

Cheryl Nugai Memorial Scholarship: Angela O'Neil.

CIAO Berkshire County Soccer Hall of Fame Scholarships: Patrick Boua, Angela Pannesco.

Civitan Community Scholarship: Wiemon Chi.

Claire L. Smith Memorial Scholarship: Dominique Todd.

Clarence D.J. McNeil and Family Memorial Scholarship: Makenzi Astore.

Coach Bob O'Neil Basketball Scholarship: Angela O'Neil.

Coach "Butch" Stannard Memorial Scholarship: Stephen Witkowski.

Conor Dillon Culinary Scholarship: Nicole Crawford.

Conor Dillon Memorial Scholarship/Boys Little League: Mitchell Clary.

Conor Dillon Memorial Scholarship/Girls Softball: Kirsten McNeice.

Credit Union of the Berkshires Scholarship: Lucas Benjamin.

Crosby Elementary School PTO Scholarships: Dominique Todd, Stephen Witkowski.

Daniel F. Koziol Memorial Scholarship: Megan McCauley.

Donald C. Dwyer/South Little League Scholarship: Mitchell Clary.

Don Gleason Memorial Scholarships: Joseph P. Dewey, Andrew M. Winston.

Francis J. Quirico Educational Foundation Scholarships: Lucas Benjamin, Julie Castagna, Quinton Cookis, Lindsey Ford, Jared Godfrey, Jennifer Hernandez, Kirsten McNeice, Samantha Metcalf, Casey Ouillette, Sienna Powers, Jack Quattrochi, Nyanna Slaughter.

Francis Sanginetti Memorial Scholarships: Nyanna Slaughter, Kyle Strack.

Gene Case Memorial Scholarship: Bailey Stokes.

Greylock Federal Credit Union ‘Treat Everyone Better Than They Expect' Scholarship: Angela O'Neil.

Harold Kingsley Scholarship: Julie Castagna.

High Meadow Foundation/Red Lion Inn Scholarship: Jennifer Hernandez.

Hillcrest Educational Centers Scholarships: Dominic Nda, Kyle Strack.

Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Western Massachusetts Scholarship: Steven Wojtkowski Jr.

IBPO Local 447 Memorial/Pittsfield Police Union Scholarships: Carly Decker, Andrew Winston.

John D. Codey Jr. Memorial Scholarships given by the Monday Morning Quarterback Club: Dylan Moody, Nicholas Pomeroy.

John T. Reid Memorial Scholarship: Shantel King-Reynolds.

Joseph Nugent Memorial Scholarship: Joseph Dewey.

Judy M. DiCicco Memorial Scholarship: Kirsten McNeice.

Lola Greene Legacy Scholarship: Lucas Benjamin.

Margaret Barry "Women In Math/Science" Memorial Scholarship: Madisen Wicker.

Massachusetts Credit Union League Scholarship: Lucas Benjamin.

Massachusetts Elks Scholarships: Mallory Eddy, Lindsey Ford, Kelsey Hassan, Courtney Luscier, Megan McCauley, Casey Ouillette, Lauren Russo, Nyanna Slaughter, Keiana West, Madisen Wicker.

Michael Salata Memorial Scholarship: Celeste Henault.

Nash Family Scholarship: Julie Castagna.

National Honor Society Scholarship for Exemplary Leadership, Scholarship, Character and Volunteer Service: Paul Davila, Megan McCauley, Dominique Todd, Madisen Wicker.

National Merit Scholarship: Cote Pudlo.

Patrick C. Torra Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Garrett Crennan.

Pittsfield Boys & Girls Club/Fred Fahey Scholarship: Kaliegh Hayes.

Pittsfield Boys & Girls Club/James Eulian Memorial Scholarship: Angela Pannesco.

Pittsfield Boys & Girls Club/Nick and Ruth Boraski Scholarships: Angela O'Neil, Nyanna Slaughter.

Pittsfield Boys & Girls Club/Timothy Shepard Memorial Scholarship: Angela Pannesco.

Pittsfield Boys & Girls Club/Wayne Montagna Scholarship: Michael Taylor.

Pittsfield Boys & Girls Club/Youth of the Year Scholarship: Angela Pannesco.

Pittsfield Cooperative Bank Centennial Scholarships: Tierney Crocker, Michelle Pierce.

Pittsfield Dollars for Scholars Scholarships: Lucas Benjamin, Alex Carusotto, Julie Castagna, Weimon Chi, Quinton Cookis, Nicole Crawford, Jeana Danylieko, Lindsey Ford, Dominique Frink, Kirsten McNeice, LeBran Mussio Jr., Kristen Pierce, Lauren Russo, Nyanna Slaughter, Madisen Wicker.

Pittsfield Educational Administrators Association Scholarships: Anita Akor, Lucas Benjamin, Bailey Stokes.

Pittsfield Federation of School Employees Local Chapter #1315 Scholarships: Angela Pannesco, Sienna Powers, Adam Sperlonga.

Pittsfield Fire Department Local 2647 Scholarships: Lauren Aitken, Catherine Barry, Mitchell Clary, Victoria Cummings, Maria Giacoletto, Celeste Henault, Johnathan May, Megan McCauley, Samantha Metcalf, Angela O'Neil, Casey Ouillette, Angela Pannesco, Sienna Powers, Mallorie Smith, Keiana West, Madisen Wicker.

Pittsfield Little League Scholarship: Andrew Winston.

Pittsfield Rotary Club Scholarships: Adam Sperlonga, Tiffany Thompson.

Pocumtuc Lodge Scholarship: Adam Sperlonga.

Rebekah Assembly of Massachusetts Memorial Scholarship: Madisen Wicker.

John and Abigail Adams Scholarship for MCAS Scores Ranking in the Top 25% of the Pittsfield Public School District: Makenzi Astore, Catherine Barry, Veronica Beaupre, Lucas Benjamin, Destiny Bigelow, Julie Castagna, Weimon Chi, Michael Coelho, Quinton Cookis, Victoria Croshier, Victoria Cummings, Jeana Danylieko, Paul Davila, Michael Davis, Frank DeBaggis, Adam Delphia, Noah Depew, Joseph Dewey, Kayla Doyle, Matthew Eichorn-Guest, Mitchell Ferry, Lindsey Ford, Maria Giacoletto, Jared Godfrey, Alexander Hall, Alexis Hoffman, Brennan Kickery, Kimberley Kirchner, Haleigh Knights, Joseph Kozlowski, Kylie Mason, Megan McCauley, Ashley McClellan, Kirsten McNeice, Dylan Moody, Logan Mulrooney, Angela O'Neil, Casey Ouillette, Kristen Pierce, Michelle Pierce, Nicholas Pomeroy, Sienna Powers, Cote Pudlo, Bradley Reardon, Lauren Russo, Anna Sarabia, Nyanna Slaughter, Bailey Stokes, Kyle Strack, Alexys Tart, Jared Tournier, Bryan Tynan, Kadence Verge, Keiana West, Madisen Wicker, Bradley Williams, Ashley Wood.

Reid Middle School Scholarship: Lauren Russo.

Richard Edgar Molari Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Jeana Danylieko.

Rick Stracuzzi Golf Classic Memorial Scholarship: Danielle George.

Robert Eichorn Memorial Scholarship: Matthew Eichorn-Guest.

Ruth P. Boraski Scholarship for Girls Inc. of the Berkshires: Sienna Powers.

St. Mark Church Altar Serving Scholarships: Dominic Nda, Stephen Witkowski.

Stearns Elementary School PTO Scholarships: Casey Ouillette, Madisen Wicker.

Steven D. Malumphy Memorial Scholarship: Angela O'Neil.

Susan Janey Memorial Scholarship: Arien Hardy.

Thomas J. Curtis Memorial Scholarship: Raymond White.

Timothy Jones Memorial Scholarships: Mitchell Clary, LeBran Mussio Jr., Lauren M. Russo.

Tom Giddings Memorial Scholarship: Keiana West.

UNICO/Anthony Ruberto Memorial Scholarship: Jack Quattrochi.

UNICO/Baseball Hall of Fame/Louis Shogry and Ed Christiano Memorial Scholarship: Joseph Dewey.

UNICO/Gloria Powers Memorial Scholarship: Megan McCauley.

UNICO/Honorable Francis Quirico Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Russo.

UNICO/Joseph Colombari Memorial Scholarship: Madisen Wicker.

United Educators of Pittsfield Scholarships: Kirsten McNeice, Angela O'Neil.

Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Emerging Leader Scholarship: Quinton Cookis.

Women of Color Giving Circle Scholarships: Anita Akor, Lynda Akor, Patrick Boua, Glenda Davis, Kevin Dias Jr., Mohamed Fofana, Azeanna Harford, Kaliegh Hayes, Celeste Henault, Shantel King-Reynolds, Devon Malik, Dominic Nda, Ashli Reese, Duane Reynolds, Nyanna Slaughter, George Sommerville, Michael Taylor, Marcel Teixeira-Ingram Jr., Keiana West, Raymond White.

Scholarships Awarded

By Schools And Colleges

Bay State College: Samantha Metcalf.

Brown University: Lucas Benjamin.

Bryant University: Michelle Pierce.

Elmira College: Amanda Rosier

Florida Southern College: Peter Dubin.

Hamilton College: Paul Davila.

Johnson & Wales University: Dominique Frink.

Keene State College: Marisa Benjamin.

Liberty University: Lindsay Booth.

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences: Jennifer Hernandez.

Merrimack College: Casey Ouillette.

Newbury College: Elina Estrella

Quinnipiac University: Angela Pannesco.

Sage College of Albany: Tiffany Thompson.

St. Michael's College: Megan McCauley.

Siena College: Kylie Mason, Madisen Wicker.

Southern New Hampshire University: Kadie Dickson.

Southern Vermont College: Emily White.

Springfield College: Kirsten McNeice, Sienna Powers.

University of New Haven: Nyanna Slaughter.

Western New England University: Kristen Pierce.

Williams College: Keiana West.


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