Taconic High School Awards & Scholarships

Monday June 10, 2013

Valedictorian: Cara Partridge.

Salutatorian: Stephanie Carvalho, Shannon Houghtlin.

Academic Excellence in Art Award: Abigail Moon.

Academic Excellence in AP Literature Award: Ashley McLaughlin.

Academic Excellence in English Award: Kiana Pierce.

Academic Excellence in Writing Award: Austin Clairmont.

Academic Excellence in Foreign Language Awards: French: Abigail C. Moon. Spanish: Cara M. Partridge.

Academic Excellence in History Award: Paul Green.

Academic Excellence in Mathematics Awards: AP Calculus: Cara Partridge. Intensive Pre-Calculus: Joseph Bilotta.

Academic Excellence in Science Awards: Anatomy and Physiology: Shannon Houghtlin. AP Environmental Science: Christopher Huxtable. Physics: Cara Partridge.

Academic Excellence in Senior Science Research: Aliza Ahlen, Mollie Dimise.

Academy of Business Management Certificate Awards: Patrick Buckley, Myles Candelet, Jacob Carlson, Kelsey Fitzgerald, Kristin Hill, Megan Hill, Seth Lobovits, Shauna Love, Timothy Schmidt, Craig Spencer-Hopkins.

Academy of Human Services Certificate Awards: Anthony Alfonso, Kyle Card, Austin Clairmont, Samantha Dominguez, Michael Ferris, Brittany Hopkins, Skyler Johnson, Joseph Kirchner, Kera Lindsey, Ashley McLaughlin, Tyler Murphy, Connor Parise, Bradley Perotti, Matthew Pierce, Mackenzie Smith, Jazmyn Thomas, Michelle White, Olivia Williams, Jennifer Witkowski.

Academy of Information Technology Certificate Awards: Alexander Amuso, Ryan Bateman, Justin Blattner, Matthew Driscoll, Drew Fowler, Chad Gingras, Austin LaFrance, Jacob Rosier.

Academy of Science and Engineering Certificate Awards: Bryan Adams, Aliza Ahlen, Molly Barbarotta, Jean Barrett, Justin Bartini, Zachary Blair, Hope Chapman, Eamon Connor, Kendra Cookis, Mollie Dimise, Matthew Duane, Paul Green, Michael Hart, Pietro Hogue, Shannon Houghtlin, Christopher Huxtable, Lauren Jones, Sean Lanigan, Alyssa Latimer, Liam Nolan, Austin O’Neil, Colin Russell, Cory White.

Achievement in Art Award: Bethany Baer.

Business Professionals of America Awards: Patrick Buckley, Jacob Carlson, Timothy Schmidt, Craig Spencer-Hopkins.

Career Technical Education Awards: Auto Body: Austin Banister. Auto Mechanics: David Kerwood. Carpentry: Lawerence Jackson. Culinary Arts: Joseph Bilotta. Graphic Arts: Kelsey Gates. Health Technology: Breonna Cunningham. Manufacturing Technology: Kellie Morse. Metal Fabrication: Shaun Pero.

Cisco Network Certification (CCNA1) Awards: Alexander Amuso, Ryan Bateman, Drew Fowler, Chad Gingras, Jacob Rosier.

Daughters of the American Revolution "Good Citizen" Award: Ruth LaRagione.

Double Edged Sword Editor’s Award: Mollie Dimise.

Health Technology Awards/Certified Nursing Assistant Certificates/ Alzheimers Care Giver Training/ American Heart Association CPR and First Aid: Ashleigh Almeida, Eukeria Asamoah, Adjoa Boateng, Taylor Brazee, Breonna Cunningham, Caitlyn Gerwaski, Elizabeth Honiker, Ebony Jean-Louis, Travis Kuni, Jazmine Seay, Donald Smith.

Louis Green Post 140, Jewish War Veterans Award "Classmate Today, Neighbor Tomorrow": Mollie Dimise.

Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents’ Certificate of Academic Excellence Awards: Stephanie Carvalho, Cara Partridge.

Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Award for Excellence in Spanish: Cara Partridge.

Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Award for Leadership in Spanish: Stephanie Carvalho.

Massachusetts Student-Athlete Citizenship Award: Ruth LaRagione.

Massachusetts Vocational Association/Vocational Technical Student Achievement Award Nominee: Audrey Barbour.

Outstanding Student in Physical Education Awards: Female: Ashley McLaughlin. Male: Chad Gingras.

Perfect Attendance for Four Years Awards: Aliza Ahlen, Ruth LaRagione, Ashley McLaughlin.

Pittsfield Citizens’ Scholarship Co-Chair Awards: Molly Barbarotta, Paul Green, Kristina Walser.

Pittsfield Rotary Club Service-Above-Self Awards: Breonna Cunningham, Ruth LaRagione, Jacob Rosier.

Speck O’Boyle Award: Paul Green.

Taconic High School Music Awards: Achievement in Chorus: Benjamin Broverman, Courtney Cannon, Alyssa Casella, William Gillette. All Eastern Chorus: Prudence Whalen. Excellence in Chorus: Hope Chapman, Devon Davis, Ruth LaRagione, Jennifer Norton, Jazmyn Thomas, Kristina Walser. Four Year Chorus Awards: Courtney Cannon, Devon Davis, Jazmyn Thomas, Prudence Whalen. Outstanding Achievement in Chorus: Stephanie Carvalho, Dylan LeSage, Prudence Whalen. Excellence in Concert Band: Dylan LeSage. Excellence in Guitar Ensemble: Rachael Ward. Achievement in Theatre: Alyssa Casella, Megan Creamer, Devon Davis, Kelsey Fitzgerald, Abigail Moon, Rachael Ward, Prudence Whalen. Excellence in Theatre: Benjamin Broverman, Stephanie Carvalho, Drew Fowler, William Gillette, Kristina Walser. Outstanding Achievement in Theatre: Ruth LaRagione, Dylan LeSage, Kyael Moss, Jennifer Norton. Outstanding Achievement in Technical Theatre: Miranda Tremblay.

Taconic Yearbook Awards: Alyssa Latimer, Christopher Maxfield.

Thomas Scagliarini Vocational Athletic Award: Jordan Pasquarelli.

U.S. Marine Corps/Distinguished Athlete Awards: Female Varsity Athlete: Kristina Walser. Male Varsity Athlete: Brian Bonacquisti.

U.S. Marine Corps/Scholastic Excellence Award: Cara Partridge.

Allendale School PTO Scholarship given in Memory of Janice P. Oboyski: Shane Johnson.

Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Pittsfield Lodge 272 Scholarships: Molly Barbarotta, Paul Green, Shannon Houghtlin, Anthony Sears.

Berkshire Bank Foundation Scholarships: Mollie Dimise, Shannon Houghtlin.

Berkshire Community College Foundation/Berkshire Bank Scholarships: Megan Creamer, Kiana Pierce, Jennifer Witkowski.

Berkshire County Youth Soccer League Scholarships: Michael Ferris, Alyssa Latimer.

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation/The Jamie Fund Scholarship: Anthony Sears.

Big Y Scholarships for Academic Excellence: Stephanie Carvalho, Cara Partridge.

Capeless Elementary School/ Eugene T. O’Brien Scholarship: Mollie Dimise.

Charles A. Persip Post 68 American Legion Scholarship: Craig Spencer-Hopkins.

Charles A. Persip Post 68 American Legion Vocational Scholarship: David Solak.

Cheryl Nugai Memorial Scholarship: Ashley McLaughlin.

CIAO Berkshire County Soccer Hall of Fame Scholarship: Alyssa Latimer.

Civitan Community Scholarship: Stephanie Carvalho.

Clarence D.J. McNeil and Family Memorial Scholarship: Cara Partridge.

Coach Bob O’Neil Basketball Scholarship: Trayvon Sims.

Coach "Butch" Stannard Memorial Scholarships: Jordan Barbarotta, Brian Bonacquisti.

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship: Paul Green.

Conor Dillon Culinary Scholarship: Audrey Barbour.

Conor Dillon Memorial Scholarship/Boys Little League: Brian Adams.

Conor Dillon Memorial Scholarship/Girls Softball: Emily Wojtkowski.

Credit Union of the Berkshires Scholarship: Alyssa Latimer.

Crosby Elementary School PTO Scholarships: Myles Candelet, Michelle White.

Daniel F. Koziol Memorial Scholarship: Miranda Tremblay.

Donald C. Dwyer/South Little League Scholarship: Colin Russell.

Don Gleason Memorial Scholarship: Kristina Walser.

Francis J. Quirico Educational Foundation Scholarships: Stephanie Carvalho, Mollie Dimise, Kristin Hill, Shannon Houghtlin, Shane Johnson, Alyssa Latimer, Madeline Searles, Craig Spencer-Hopkins, Miranda Tremblay, Michelle White.

Francis Sanginetti Memorial Scholarships: Kelly Robertson, Jacob Rosier.

Frosthollow Fund Scholarship: Cara Partridge.

Gerard Tillman Memorial Scholarships: Jordan Barbarotta, Mackenzie Smith.

Greylock Federal Credit Union "Treat Everyone Better Than They Expect" Annual Scholarship: Ruth LaRagione.

Hillcrest Educational Centers Scholarships: Michelle White, Jennifer Witkowski.

Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Western Massachusetts Scholarship: Dean Bartini.

Horatio Alger Massachusetts Scholarship: Shannon Houghtlin.

IBPO Local 447 Memorial/Pittsfield Police Union Scholarships: Myles Candelet, Cara Partridge.

John T. Reid Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Jones.

Joseph Nugent Memorial Scholarship: Kristina Walser.

Josephine and Thomas A. Duane Memorial Scholarship: Matthew Duane.

Judy M. DiCicco Memorial Scholarship: Alyssa Latimer.

Judy Shaffer Memorial Scholarships: Breonna Cunningham, Travis Kuni.

Lyon Aviation Scholarship: Anthony Sears.

Margaret Barry "Women In Math/Science" Memorial Scholarship: Molly Barbarotta.

Massachusetts Elks National Foundation "Most Valuable Student" Scholarship: Cara Partridge.

Massachusetts Elks Scholarships: Stephanie Carvalho, Mollie Dimise, Alyssa Latimer, Craig Spencer-Hopkins, Miranda Tremblay.

Massachusetts Police Association Scholarship: Cara Partridge.

Michael Salata Memorial Scholarship: Madeline Searles.

Monday Morning Quarterback Club Scholarships: Jordan Barbarotta, Zachary Blair, Paul Green, Sean Lanigan, Seth Lobovits, Jordan Pasquarelli.

National Honor Society Peer Tutoring Scholarship: Stephanie Carvalho.

National Honor Society Scholarship for Service and Leadership: Madeline Searles.

National Honor Society Volunteer Service Scholarship: Ruth LaRagione.

Onyx Specialty Papers Incorporated Scholarship: Austin O’Neil.

Paul Harris Fellows Scholarship: Gabrielle Kirkland.

Pittsfield Boys & Girls Club/James J. Mooney Scholarship: Molly Barbarotta.

Pittsfield Boys & Girls Club/Nick and Ruth Boraski Scholarships: Jordan Barbarotta, Kristin Hill, Megan Hill, Ashley McLaughlin.

Pittsfield Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation Scholarships: Aliza Ahlen, Eukeria Asamoah, Molly Barbarotta, Stephanie Carvalho, Megan Creamer, Mollie Dimise, Caitlyn Gerwaski, Paul Green, Shannon Houghtlin, Alyssa Latimer, Ashley McLaughlin, Madeline Searles, Anthony Sears, Miranda Tremblay, Kristina Walser, Michelle White.

Pittsfield Cooperative Bank Centennial Scholarships: Patrick Buckley, Kristin Hill.

Pittsfield Educational Administrators Association Scholarship: Timothy Schmidt.

Pittsfield Federation of School Employees Local Chapter #1315 Scholarships: Kiana Pierce, Cory White.

Pittsfield Fire Department Local 2647 Scholarships: Alexander Amuso, Eukeria Asamoah, Molly Barbarotta, Dean Bartini, Paul Green, Travis Kuni, Alyssa Latimer, Dylan LeSage, Cara Partridge, Kelly Robertson, Madeline Searles, Anthony Sears, Mackenzie Smith, Craig Spencer-Hopkins, Miranda Tremblay, Troy Ziter.

Pittsfield Little League Scholarship: Molly Barbarotta.

Pittsfield Rotary Club Scholarships: Ruth LaRagione, Kellie Morse.

John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: Brian Adams, Aliza Ahlen, Anthony Alfonso, Alexander Amuso, Eukeria Asamoah, Bethany Baer, Jordan Barbarotta, Molly Barbarotta, Joseph Bilotta, Benjamin Broverman, Patrick Buckley, Jacob Carlson, Stephanie Carvalho, Hope Chapman, Katrina Clukey, Michael Connors, Mollie Dimise, Ricky Driggers, Louis Ely Jr., Michael Ferris, Kelsey Fitzgerald, Drew Fowler, Paul Green, Nicholas Hassett, Pietro Hogue, Shannon Houghtlin, Christopher Huxtable, Lawerence Jackson, Lauren Jones, Brandon Knights, Austin LaFrance, Sean Lanigan, Dylan LeSage, Kera Lindsey, Ashley McLaughlin, Abigail Moon, Shannon Moon, Kyael Moss, Austin O’Neil, Connor Parise, Cara Partridge, Jordan Pasquarelli, Colin Russell, Madeline Searles, David Solak, Miranda Tremblay, Kristina Walser, Rachael Ward, Prudence Whalen, Cory White, Michelle White.

Reid Middle School Scholarship: Anthony Sears.

Richard Edgar Molari Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Jones.

Rick Stracuzzi Golf Classic Memorial Scholarship: Alyssa Latimer.

Stearns Elementary School PTO Scholarships: Anthony Sears, Miranda Tremblay.

Steven D. Malumphy Memorial Scholarship: Miranda Tremblay.

Susan Janey Memorial Scholarship: Kiana Pierce.

Thomas J. Curtis Memorial Scholarship: Pietro Hogue.

Timothy Jones Memorial Scholarships: Anthony Alfonso, Bethany Baer.

UNICO/Edward DeAngelo Scholarship: Myles Candelet.

UNICO/Fran Sanginetti Scholarship: Brian Bonacquisti.

UNICO/George Cavallero and William Mufatti Scholarship: Molly Barbarotta.

UNICO/Honorable Paul Tamburello Scholarship: Cory White.

UNICO/John Marchetto Scholarship: Pietro Hogue.

UNICO/Wayne Montagna Scholarship: Alyssa Latimer.

United Educators of Pittsfield Scholarships: Audrey Barbour, Abigail Moon.

WBEC/Pittsfield Cooperative Bank Sports Caravan Scholarship: Eamon Connor.

Westfield State University Scholarship/Girls Incorporated of the Berkshires: Ashley McLaughlin.

Women of Color Giving Circle Scholarships: Eukeria Asamoah, Autumn Bigelow, Adjoa Boateng, Devon Davis, Caitlyn Gerwaski, Christopher Grant, Paul Green, Lawerence Jackson, Ebony Jean-Louis, Jamer Jones, Brenna Meyers, Trayvon Sims, Jazmyn Thomas, Prudence Whalen.

Bentley University: Cara Partridge.

Clark University: Abigail Moon.

Connecticut College: Mollie Dimise.

Dickinson College: Prudence Whalen.

Emmanuel College: Lauren Jones.

Franklin Pierce University: Miranda Tremblay.

Hamilton College: Paul Green.

Johnson & Wales University: Joseph Bilotta, Adjoa Boateng.

Lasell College: Kristin Hill, Megan Hill.

Lincoln Technical Institute: Anthony Sears.

New England College: Christopher Huxtable.

Philadelphia University: Kristina Walser.

Rider University: Ruth LaRagione.

Siena College: Shannon Houghtlin, Craig Spencer-Hopkins, Emily Wojtkowski.

Southern New Hampshire University: Audrey Barbour.

University of Central Florida: Molly Barbarotta.

University of Massachusetts at Amherst: Madeline Searles.

University of Massachusetts at Lowell: Colin Russell.

University of New England: Michelle Rose.

Wesley College: Eukeria Asamoah, Autumn Bigelow, Caitlyn Gerwaski.

Westfield State University: Stephanie Carvalho, Ashley McLaughlin.

Wheaton College: Austin Clairmont.


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