Taconic's Eamon Connor sixth in state Alpine ski meet


CHARLEMONT -- Matt Geyer felt good on the slalom course at Berkshire East Ski Area on Tuesday.

Then, the Wahconah junior reached the bottom and realized what had caused all the carnage.

"The top part, I felt good," Geyer said. "As soon I got out of there, I thought ‘This is going to be a great run.' I hit the face and I'm like, ‘Oh, no. Nope.' "

Geyer made it down to finish 95th but 23 other boys either didn't reach the bottom or were disqualified on a tight course that caused problems for the field of more than 280 boys and girls in Charlemont. The run made Taconic's Eamon Connor work for Berkshire County's only medal at the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association's Alpine championships.

"Just stay with it," Connor said. "I got tossed around at the bottom. I think everybody did. It got really tight, really quickly. You just got to stay with it and not straddle or tip over."

Connor's run of 35.47 seconds put him sixth behind state champion Andrew Solomon of Concord-Carlisle, who won in 34.58. Connor, the regular season county champion, was 17th in the Giant Slalom in 45.57, another county-best. James Larson of Westford Academy won that crown in 42.97.

"I'm pretty proud that I made top 10," Connor said. "I wanted to do better but it's a good feeling to be in the top 10 for sure."

Fellow county champion Emma Peplowski was the top local girl, finishing 34th in the slalom (41.24) and 16th in the GS (46.25). Wellesley's Sami Rubin (36.67) and Lunenburg's Rachel Bateman (42.7) won state titles in those two events respectively, helping their teams lead the girls field with 538 points each. Xaverian won the boys title while Taconic was 11th. The Braves' girls team was 12th overall.

Peplowski said both courses were tough.

"It was definitely a big challenge to get through it," the Pittsfield/St. Joe racer said. "The slalom was difficult. GS was, too."

The reset girls slalom course still took out 16 racers. Lenox's Ella King was one of those, catching her ski on a gate and crashing headfirst.

"It was really turny and not much space," King said. "They're trying to get us to control our speed a bit. It provided a lot of challenges. I felt like it was a type that I had not really skied that much, but it's good."

Taconic coach Marc Latimer said the course was tight, which could disrupt rhythm. The ones who handled it the best, he said, were being radioed instructions from the bottom about what to watch out for.

Greylock's Ryan Kuhn, who was 31st in the run order, watched some of the early racers to scout out the trouble spots. Kuhn ended the day 30th in slalom and 37th in GS.

"I came to see how it was supposed to be skied and a lot of kids fell," Kuhn said. "I think it was good to know the flush at the bottom I had to set up for."

Emily Martin saw the crashes in the morning, too. The Monument Mountain junior said she was hoping the reset would make it a little easier.

"I think more girls are finishing just because we know it's going to be tricky and we have that in mind," Martin said. "I think it's a slower course in general [for the girls]."

Martin finished right behind Peplowski in the slalom, placing 35th. She snagged 23rd in the GS.

Despite the tricky conditions, Latimer's Braves got consistent finishes from all 10 of his racers that made the trip. That and a pair of top-20s from Connor gave the coach plenty to be happy about.

"To come up with at least one medal and be right on the outskirts of another in this field of kids is good," Latimer said. "These are the best kids in the state."

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MIAA Alpine championships

at Berkshire East Ski Area, Charlemont



1. Xaverian 540; 2. St. John's Prep 535; 3. Concord-Carlisle 482; 4. Westford Acadmey 463; 5. Dover-Sherborn 453; 6. Chelmsford 451; 7. Acton-Boxborough 433; 8. BC High 428; 8. Marblehead 428; 10. Mohawk 426; 11. Taconic 387; 23. Pittsfield 166; 25. Monument Mountain 40.


1. Andrew Solomon, CC 34.58; 2. Charlie Thompson, Mar 35.07; 3. Clayton Soper, Win 35.11; 4. Michael Carbonaro, Well 35.36; 5. Stephen McLeod, Chelm 35. 42; 6. Eamon Connor, Tac 35.47; 7. Sam Goldberg, Xav 35.84; 8. Bryan Schwartz, Moh 35.89; 9. Kyle Maulden, Mar 36.08; 10. AJ Higgins, AB 36.6; 10. Jack Carmone, Xav 36.6; 30. Ryan Kuhn, MG 38.03; 38. Will Dyer-Kloman, Len 38.74; 53. Shaun Pero, Tac 40.29; 55. Keegan Kelly, Tac 40.34; 62. Sean Keenan, Pitt 40.97; 78. Garrett Dempsey, Pitt 42.41; 93. Nick DiSanti, MG 44.16; 95. Matt Geyer, Wah 44.4; 98. Tim Schmidt, Tac 44.7; 104. Erich Maynard, Pitt 46.31; 118. Ian Akers, Mon 1:08.17.

Giant Slalom

1. James Larson, WA 42.97; 2. Andrew Solomon, CC 43.46; 3. Ryan Carlucci, SJP 43.82; 4. Sam Sutner, SPM 43.9; 5. Michael Carbonaro, Well 44.25; 6. Sam Goldberg, Xav 44.85; 7. Stephen McLeod, Chelm 45.03; 8. Alexander Antes, WA 45.05; 9. William Boynton, Hing 45.07; 10. Bobby Holmes, SJP 45.3; 17. Eamon Connor, Tac 45.57; 37. Ryan Kuhn, MG 46.45; 61. Will Dyer-Kloman, Len 48.15; 73. Shaun Pero, Tac 48.9; 81. Keegan Kelly, Tac 50.05; 88. Garrett Dempsey, Pitt 50.71; 99. Nick DiSanti, MG 51.4; 103. Tim Schmidt, Tac 51.92; 108. Sean Keenan, Pitt 52.57; 112. Matt Geyer, Wah 53.99; 116. Ian Akers, MM 55.16; 121. Trevor McFarland, MM 59.72.



1. Lunenberg 538; 1. Wellesley 538; 3. Acton-Boxborough 518; 4. Andover 480; 5. Marblehead 470; 6. Notre Dame Academy 466; 7. Manchester-Essex 452; 8. Agawam 419; 9. Minnechaug 387; 10. Longmeadow 373; 12. Taconic 361; 17. Pittsfield 283.


1. Sami Rubin, Well 36.67; 2. Rachel Bateman, Lun 37.38; 3. Julie Anderson Wach 37.82; 4. Libby McCusker, NDA 37.99; 5. Tori Zimmer, Mil 38.33; 6. Carly Antonioli, A-B 38.38; 7. Sydney Andrew, Mar 38.64; 8. Amelia Brown, NDA 38.76; 9. Hannah Buckley, Lun 38.89; 10. Tayler Kent, Dux 38.91; 34. Emma Peplowski, Pitt 41.24; 35. Emily Martin, MM 41.33; 38. Lauren Jones, Tac 41.82; 46. Jennifer Evans, MM 42.36; 59. Amanda Ely, Tac 43.92; 66. Alyssa Latimer, Tac 45.14; 74. Emma Pizzuto, Pitt 45.46; 76. Michaela Craft, Tac 46.14; 89. Maria Giacoletto, Tac 47.65; 93. Lindsay Curry, Tac 48.07; 108. Ali Williamson, Pitt 49.85.

Giant Slalom

1. Rachel Bateman, Lun 42.7; 2. Carly Antonioli, AB 44.15; 3. Megan Jones, ME 44.71; 4. Amelia Brown, NDA 44.9; 5. Hannah Buckley, Lun 45.07; 6. Sami Rubin, Well 45.09; 7. Jillian Scherpa, Aga 45.27; 8. Julie Anderson Wach 45.36; 9. Brooke Troy, WW 45.42; 10. Katherin Carbonaro, Well 45.6; 16. Emma Peplowski, Pitt 46.25; 23. Emily Martin, MM 46.72; 36. Ella King, Len 48; 45. Lauren Jones, Tac 49.03; 64. Jennifer Evans, MM 50.62; 65. Amanda Ely, Tac 50.63; 66. Michaela Craft, Tac 50.72; 67. Maria Giacoletto, Tac 50.9; 74. Alyssa Latimer, Tac 51.74; 76. Emma Pizzuto, Pitt 51.82; 106. Lindsay Curry, Tac 56.03.


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