Take Five | Five questions for Andy Grammer


Andy Grammer: You've heard singer, songwriter Andy Grammer's catchy singles climb the charts — from his 2011 hit singles "Keep Your Head Up" and "Fine by Me" to this year's smash "Honey, I'm Good." Grammer, who is currently on tour with Train, will be rolling into the Berkshires, opening for the fan-favorite group, on Tuesday, Aug. 23, at Tanglewood in Lenox, Mass. He took a few minutes out of his busy touring schedule to answer a few questions about his music and what influences contributed to his toe-tapping sound:

1 As a kid, who did you listen to growing up?: Billy Joel and Eric Clapton were two of my biggest influences as a kid. As far as artists that are popular today, I really like Coldplay and Common.

2 In the same vein, who were your musical influences when you were just starting out in the business?: Lauryn Hill, OneRepublic, and John Mayer were all insanely popular at the time I started playing professionally, and remain huge influences of mine to this day.

3 When you're asked to describe what kind of music you play, what do you tell people?: I would say that my music is one part acoustic rock, one part piano rock and one part hip-hop. I'm playing the guitar on some songs, playing piano on others, and beatboxing throughout the set — It's a giant blend of all three!

4 What can fans expect from this tour with Train and what's it been like to be on the road with the band?: Fans can expect a super high energy and really fun show from Train and me on this tour. Those guys are like family and we have a blast on the road together. It feels really good to be back out with my band and crew too. What's not to like about traveling the country on a bus with all your best friends?! I'm touring around the entire country for the next three months so make sure to come say hi as we're passing through!

5 What's your next project?: Recently, I bought a bright blue Fender Stratocaster on which I wrote my most recent single "Fresh Eyes." I love that guitar so much — it will definitely be a major part of my next album. We also brought an extra bus on tour with us to record new material, which means I'm working on new songs every day and can't wait to share them with you all.

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