Taliban rule for United States?

Tuesday October 23, 2012

A very important question was asked of both Vice President Joe Biden and candidate Paul Ryan at the close of their debate, ". . tell me what role your religion has played in your own personal views on abortion." Both candidates are practicing Roman Catholics but the answers were striking in their difference and important to understand the alarming difference on how they would each govern if called to do so.

Candidate Ryan spoke first and stated clearly he will not separate his public life from his faith and talked about his opposition to any abortion.

Vice President Biden followed and expressed his similar feelings about abortion, but also stated clearly he would refuse to impose his religious beliefs on others. When Jack Kennedy was running for president, he like Vice President Biden and candidate Ryan, was asked about whether or not his Roman Catholic faith would interfere with his ability to be president of all the people of so many faiths in this country and gave the same answer; he refused to impose his religious beliefs on others.

The founding fathers of our country remembered very well the religious wars of Europe when intolerant Christians would not hesitate to kill one another over how the Christian faith should be lived. This history is why the Constitution has specific language for separation of church and state.

Candidates like Paul Ryan, who say they will govern according to their faith, should never be elected to any position of national power. This would be like having the Taliban in power!



The writer is an unenrolled voter.


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