Tasers used to subdue Pittsfield man accused of trying to force way into apartment


PITTSFIELD — A city man accused of trying to force his way into an apartment was subdued with Tasers early Sunday after he refused to cooperate with officers, police said.

William C. Smith, 44, allegedly entered a Woodlawn Avenue apartment unannounced and uninvited, demanded money from the occupant and later tried to force his way back in to the same apartment, according to Pittsfield Police.

The resident of the apartment, who gave police a description matching Smith's clothing and appearance, said he told the intruder he didn't have any and they'd have to go to an ATM.

When Smith walked outside the door, the resident shut and locked it behind him. Smith allegedly began kicking the door and trying to force open its handle, according to a report filed by Pittsfield Police Officer Aaron Garner.

Smith also allegedly went around to a side window and hung on it, yelling threats to the man inside before leaving shortly prior to the officer's arrival.

Shortly after midnight, police responded to a report of someone named Bill attempting to break into an apartment. Smith and another man were sitting outside the apartment when officers arrived.

Police also noted fresh foot prints and other damage on the door.

Smith said his name was Bill, but he denied trying to get into anyone's apartment.

"If I was attempting to get into someone's apartment, I wouldn't be sitting here, I'd be in it," Smith told them. He repeatedly told officers they knew him and he could get into an apartment, if he wanted to, the report said.

When police tried to take Smith into custody, he refused to turn around, and said he wasn't going anywhere.

Smith was told Tasers would be used if he continued to be uncooperative to which he replied, "Do it."

Smith then turned and ran, and was hit in the back with Tasers from both officers.

"Mr. Smith fell to the ground immediately and complied with the rest of our commands," the report reads.

Smith pleaded not guilty in Central Berkshire District Court on Monday to nighttime felony entering, putting a person in fear, vandalizing property, threatening to commit a crime and resisting arrest.

Judge William Rota set Smith's bail at $1,000 and gave him a pretrial hearing date of June 28.

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