Teach abstinence, not immorality

Thursday December 20, 2012

I was disgusted, but not surprised, to read The Eagle’s story on the flier distribution promoting condom use at Pittsfield High School. It’s clear that the public school system is indoctrinating students with liberal ideology, isn’t it?

Girls Inc. was the culprit behind the flier distribution. We shouldn’t be surprised, should we? Planned Parenthood is firmly entrenched in the public school system. It has free access to sex education classes, promoting immorality and all. Why don’t public schools allow pro-life/abstinence speakers into sex education classes? Instead, sex-ed classes make a quick, token statement on abstinence, then quickly move on to the real agenda and indoctrination.

If anyone in leadership at Taconic or Pittsfield High School is reading this letter, please consider bringing in chastity speakers. Students need to hear the benefits of abstinence explaining in a loving, reasonable way. One call to the Massachusetts Citizens for Life will put you in touch with a great chastity speaker, Linda Thayer. Ms. Thayer’s talk is entitled, "God’s plan for love." This is in great contrast to Satan’s plan for love, aka, contraception!

You may be thinking that we can’t allow God in school anymore, right? Well, that’s the main problem. Ever since God was taken out of schools, immorality has dominated.

Contraception promotion does not work. Thailand has greatly promoted condoms, but still the HIV infection rate was one in 90 in 2007. In the Philippines, where condom use is not promoted, the rate is 1 in 22,000.

If society wants successful marriages, it should promote abstinence. Couples who don’t have premarital sex hardly diverse. Just 1 in 10 fail, compare to fornicators’ failure rate of nearly 5 in 10!




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